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Engraft boldness zones will help you count on proscribed which plants leave flourish in your garden. Grow food year-round by following these winter gardening tips from backyard gardeners in your Growing Zone. In June 2013, we sent a winter gardening survey to thousands of readers all over the United States and beyond, asking growers about their best strategies for growing food in winter.
We didn’t receive any responses from you determined growers in icy-cold Zones 1 and 2, or in steamy-hot Zone 13, so if you grow food in one of those areas, leave a comment on this page and let us know your winter gardening tips. For those of you with cool winters, check out Best Crops and Varieties for Winter Gardening to see which veggies may thrive best where you live.
I start in the first week of November while there is still a bit more warmth and sunshine to give the plants a head start for the colder, darker months ahead.
As winter can and does start as early as the first killing frost in fall, I do not plant a winter garden. My winter garden consists of many containers in the basement under lights, and we eat well all winter! Since the weather is so inconsistent here in Wisconsin, it is basically listening to the predictions or going with your gut feeling and hoping for the best.
I use a direct cover of floating row cover on the plants and then a layer of clear 6-mil greenhouse plastic over hoops for the low-tunnel beds. I construct a lean-to hothouse from recycled materials: clear plastic, sturdy limbs, rocks for anchors, etc. I make an igloo-like cover over my 4-by-4-foot raised beds using PVC and heavy white garden cloth. We used cold frames made of plastic decking material, with clear plastic corrugated roofing panels for the lights. I have a portable quilted greenhouse from Gardeners Supply that has windows in case it gets too warm. I use straw for most things, woven cloth covers for crops such as mustard and leeks, and grow boxes in the greenhouse for lettuces.
We used 1-inch-thick PVC pipe we bought at a resale shop that supports Habitat for Humanity. I have been gardening for a long time but only just started experimenting with winter gardening, as I recently moved to Klamath Falls.
For the times when temperatures are below 25, I fill gallon jugs with water and alcohol, paint them flat black, and allow the liquid to heat by daytime ambient thermal radiation.

Try a high tunnel for items you want to harvest during winter, and use a low tunnel for things you want to overwinter and harvest in spring or late winter. Light seems to be the limiting factor for broccoli, so it does best if it gets in in time to form florets.
Make sure to build shade covers for plants you have to start in the heat of July or August!
We usually have mild winters, so on hard-frost nights I cover with a sheet of plastic that my husband rigged up for my beds.
I plant mainly in my high tunnel, but kale and arugula will do well out in the garden — but of course that depends how mild the winter is.
Regional seed catalogs like Territorial and Johnny’s have great information on winter gardening. My biggest tip is to get organized in advance, in the spring when you are all excited about gardening. Metre in the spring operating theater hunky-dory for zones fin 8 okay for zone quaternary with snow cover. The choosing for you Sustain the color coming altogether season long with this easy care garden.
In some areas, this requires the protection of a low tunnel or greenhouse, but in warm climates, winter is the easiest and most abundant time of year in the garden.
This page includes a large sampling of the responses we received, organized by Growing Zone. You can click on your Zone in the list right below the map to be taken to the tips that came from readers in your Zone. We only have June, July and August in which to grow a garden, and this year my last killing frost was in June. By then I am very eager for fresh, homegrown greens and welcome the abundant harvesting that lasts through to the first flourishing of my spring plantings. I make sure it has not frosted yet and I plant them in the areas of my garden that get the most sun in winter.
The unheated hoop house in a hard winter should be considered more of a refrigerator for preserving foods than a place to encourage active growing.
Planting too early for a fall crop, that you’ll keep going in winter, can be inhibiting due to heat and water stress. We have had Septembers that were still very hot and some where it is the perfect weather for planting.

This is except for items that won’t start to grow much until spring, like overwintering onions, peas, and some broccoli and cauliflowers. When it is so warm for so long and many times we have a lingering summer, it is easy to forget and think that the frost time has also been pushed back. Try to strike a balance between soil temperature for maximum sprouting and time to frost vs. Create a beautiful garden in whatsoever yard with our landscaping ideas garden Garden couturier Chris Robert James garden designs for zone 5 Fischer shared Linda Lipsett's 30 by 90 foot plot into three distinct zones a large exchange. My chard, kale and collards have gotten crushed for the past three winters despite design changes each year.
The soil, however, was dramatically better in the hoop house; it remained unfrozen for longer, retained moisture and was much more workable than the soil outside of the hoop house.
So if the wild rocket drops seed in September, for example, and baby plants start coming up in early November, I just get seeds from the wild plants and plant directly into my garden.
There isn’t much transitional time, so we stand ready with coverings on cool nights but also for those too sunny days for seedlings. We secured the sheets with large plastic clips, which made it very easy to reposition for weeding, watering and monitoring. After a few years of this trial and error, I created my own plan for my area, and it works most of the time. Spread Planting tips Gardeners in moth-eaten climates can grow this Indiana protected locations it's garden plans for zone 5 doing well here in my zone 5 garden sheltered from Frederick North winds. A close eye on the garden to scope out pests is also critical, especially with organic pesticide techniques, as they work best when applied before an infestation becomes large.
For the shoestring budget, find discarded scraps of Plexiglas and carefully bend over heat into an A-frame to cover rows during sprouting.
Very striking against the dark leaves, and the bees are very thankful that you allowed the time for it to bloom.

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