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Now all the hard work has paid off and we’re excited to show you the Jaipur Elephant Side table, one of the eight items from our 2015 collection that will be available online starting this Memorial Day weekend. We are especially proud of Brook’s Bombay Outdoors Jaipur Elephant Table, but we also like the two elephant tables below. This Bali Elephant table (from our partner company, Bombay Furniture) blends warm colors of antique gold and silver. Both of the following elephant sculptures are from etsy and designed to hang on walls but that’s where the similarities end.
The next sculpture is this bright, Kelly Green Leafy Elephant wall hook, handmade in Houston; it really pops with color!
If you’re a person who not only enjoys the sound of wind chimes while but also likes elephants, this one from world market is for you. If the sculpture above is too large and you have a covered space, this festive Elephant embroidered pillow (though not available online) will add an eye-catching pop of color with its hand painted leaves and embroidery.

Although petite, this glazed terracotta circus elephant from Bombay Company is hand painted in authentic patterns and festive colors to give extra pizzazz to any space.
The next garden tee, by J.Jill, may be a bit too nice to wear while weeding and dealing with potting soil.
But then again, reading the online reviews, I get the feeling this is a comfortable gardening shirt. Now Hiroshige lived a very, very long time ago (1797-1858), probably before garden tees were invented, or even before tees were invented for that matter. Never having gardened, I can only say I’ve been told garden stakes are helpful to gardeners who want to remember what they planted where.
These next herb garden stakes are ceramic, handmade by fromArtisanHands in Rocklin, California. For those who like a more natural look, here’s an elephant topiary made of ivy and organic moss.

These gardening gifts are all possibilities, but if you’ve got other ideas, please feel free to help me out by posting on our Bombay Outdoors Facebook Page. And I promised that I’d explain why an outdoor decor site like ours is spotlighting elephants. This small-scale statue, is a quality cement elephant statue that transforms any home, garden, public space into something truly special!

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