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One issue with using unique items for your garden edging is that their small diameter means you need A LOT of them. I like that the gardener filled each pipe with soil and stones and then planted small succulents. Photo: Wine bottle edging in the garden Wine bottle edging in the garden, originally uploaded by dewelch.
I’d try looking at your local Restore or similar store for inexpensive pipe and other materials.
Was hoping I could use PVC pipe [maybe in various diameters], pounded into the ground just behind the berm.

Why not use abs pipe, it is black all the way through, you would just need to remove the lettering on the pipe with a solvent of some sort. With this staining method, the solvent actually dissolves into the PVC and becomes part of it.
We have a comprehensive range of 30 different profile sizes of garden edging in either solid recycled plastic or composite material. Plastic Recyclers can offer the public , landscapers and Councils a full range of Australian made 100% solid recycled plastic or composite garden edging. Click through on this Pinterest link for more garden photos and ideas from the original blog.

I am not sure where you would source enough of this pipe cheaply, but obviously this person did.

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