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I imagine a sitcom about some enterprising Guatemalan named Diego Ortiz who decides to open his own lawn care business but who, in order to be accepted by customers, names his company 'Dennis O'Reilly Landscaping'.
I realize the owner gets his name on the truck, not the workers, but it still strikes me funny.
From cartoon characters to great literary works, the inspiration for amusing and eye-catching business names can take many forms.
And while a puntastic shop name is no guarantee of financial success, a clever name can give a business an advantage over their competitors.
Graham Marley, chief executive of the Hastings-based not-for-profit Let's Do Business Group, says a funny name can have a positive influence, but warns that dabbling in double entendres or playing with punchlines only works in certain industries. The barbers recently gained national recognition when their nursery rhyme-inspired name was listed as the third best punny and funny business name in the country.

The hairdresser’s current owner Catharine Wehrle was fortunate enough to inherit the shop’s distinctive and playful name, which was thought up by the previous owner's nephew in 2000. What about Burger Off in Hove and the fantastically named Ant & Decorators - see their van in the area a lot! What about Burger Off in Hove and the fantastically named Ant & Decorators - see their van in the area a lot!
Over in Shoreham we have a bar named "Piston Broke", that certainly upset a few locals, including the local Tory party who have had to move their "Tim Loughton" sign from their office window, directly above the sign for this bar. During Kulbicki’s trial, the state introduced comparative bullet-lead analysis, which compares the lead in bullets to determine if they came from the same box. United States, 14-1006, involves a petitioner who had the innovative idea of paying the employees of her landscaping and snow-removal company by applying for unemployment benefits in their names and using the proceeds to pay them.

Back in the Eighties, Ford responded to an IRS notice that it had underpaid its taxes by making a remittance (no latex gloves were involved) while an audit was ongoing, and later requested that the IRS treat the funds as advance payments on the money Ford owed. We will have more to say about it next week if it follows its compatriots in obtaining a relist.
Kingdomware Technologies, a veteran-owned small business that sounds like a company the second-least popular kids in your high school would run (the least-popular kids wrote the relist blog), challenged this interpretation in bid protests.

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