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Some of these designs include complete layout renderings, guidelines, and extended instructions for planting schemes, patios, courtyards, xeriscaping, entryways, and more. These designs were created for specific shape yards and lots and may not go perfectly with your exact property. A really cool backyard landscape design with play area, sand box, tricycle trail, outdoor kitchen, dog run area and more. We used native locally grown limestone rocks to create a dry stack wall for this multi level design. A circular driveway on a hill with xeriscape landscaping and plants surrounding it and the home. This design uses a lot of different elements to give it its unique design, atmosphere, and appeal.
This free Southwest Santa Fe style xeriscape design could be used for a slightly sloped lot or house on a small hill.

This Southwest xeriscape landscaping idea uses a lot of different elements to create color and contrast even in Winter months when there are no plants growing. These are the actual designs for front yards and backyards that have been created for our own clients. However, that's not necessarily important or should it keep you from incorporation any of the specifics of these designs into your own plans.
The mediterranean style of the home as well as the plants give this front yard landscape design its atmosphere and style.
Design includes ideas for the front yard, backyard, backyard waterfall, and enclosed courtyard. This is a very natural looking free flowing backyard landscape that will go well with almost any Southwest style home. Also see hillside yards for more pictures, plans, and ideas for landscaping yards on hillsides and slopes.

Simply mix and match different characteristics, shapes, planting schemes, and materials from different designs into something that will work for your own yard. As you'll see in this plan, it's the type of plants used and not the design shape that give this yard its Southwest flavor. However, regardless if you have a pool, there are some great landscaping ideas here for how to build a sunken patio garden. Sometimes simply changing the types of plants is all that's necessary to change the entire atmosphere and style of a design.

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