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The Landscape Show knows that exhibitors have recently received invitations (their form appears to be an online directory listing service for the show, but it is not) from FAIR GUIDE (owned by CONSTRUCT DATA) for listings in its guide at the exhibitors' expense. The Landscape Show saw nearly 7,200 nursery and one of the show's main events was FNGLA's 2015 Landscape Awards Presentation, which took center stage on Friday, September 25. The Blakely Award was given to Cherry Lake Tree Farm which is presented to an FNGLA member firm which exemplifies design and landscape excellence by the appearance of the landscaping at their place of business. The 2016 Landscape Awards program will again take place at The Landscape Show, September 16, 2016 at the Orange County Convention Center's West Building.

The Landscape Show is produced by FNGLA, the nation's largest state nursery and landscape association.
FNGLA represents Florida's environmental horticulture industry, with an estimated $15.32 billion in industry-wide sales.
It is not reasonable to think that one person can tear down a booth, be in line to get to the loading dock and provide security at the booth during the break of the show.
Please be sure that you bring a valid US-issued identification card, passport or driver's license to The Landscape Show to expedite security checks.

FNGLA has asked them to cease mailing their forms to our exhibitors; they have decided to continue the mailings. Please contact the FNGLA office if you have any questions about whether a company is an authorized partner of FNGLA or The Landscape Show.A  It has been reported that Construct Data has been using legal threats and may be trying to enforce a contract in the courts.

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