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Last of all, and the main reason I hate gravel and any kind of rock used for landscaping: if you change your mind and want to plant where the gravel is it's a huge PITA to get rid of it.
Wood chips give you much more flexibility should you decide to enlarge a bed or change your layout. I didn't have time to do flower beds this year, so I drug a bunch of large planters with agapanthus over by the fence to be planted also with million bells.
If I used chips and mulch then I will be constantly fighting to keep chips out of gravel and gravel out of chips where they meet up. I also found a plant nursery about 20 miles from here where they allow tree service companies and city tree services to dump their shredded wood too.
For any kind of vegetable garden, we would recommend wood chip mulch far above any other mulch. Large rocks absorb even more heat from the sun during the day, creating the potential for larger warm micro-climate areas than small pebbles. However, if it is sitting entirely on the top of the soil level, it takes a significantly longer amount of time for water to penetrate down into the soil (which means, for example, that you’ll have to set your sprinkler to water for an hour instead of 30 minutes when you first use pumice rock as a mulch). Since pumice is quite porous, it will absorb some heat from the sun, but not as much as the other rock mulches. Newspapers in the garden are a bit unsightly, though, so I would recommend laying another type of mulch, perhaps compost or wood chips, on top of them. One thing to consider in regards to wood chip mulches has to do with the subject of allelopathy.

It seems to take one or two years for the allelopathic compounds to fully leach out of the walnut wood chip mulch. You’ll notice that pine, juniper, and cedar are on the list, even though wood chip mulches are often made from these woods.
Cocoa hull mulch (or just cocoa mulch) is just a woody type mulch, made from the shell of the cocoa bean. For example, some potted plants might benefit from rock mulch, because it helps keep them warmer during the cold months.
I got two large loads of wood chis from my electric power company they were cleaning the right of way I live on a farm and enough land to store this much out of site. And again, I wouldn’t necessarily say having a wood chip pile will cause an infestation of cockroach.
Plenty of places, whether they’re private residences or business buildings, use some form of wood chip mulch in all the ornamental garden beds around the building.
Yes, I have seen a couple of instances where termites were attracted to wood chips around buildings and caused problems with the buildings themselves.
Oh and I should mention that I live in New England and have had great success using weed-block fabric on my vegetable beds. We’ve seen other people use wood chips (chopped up trees and branches with varying sizes of wood chips from fine, needle-like bits to big chunks) in their gardens, and it protects the soil and holds enough rainwater that they practically never need to water except just after sowing, to keep the seeds moist.
It seems like we would get more in the wood chips as they break down, but we could also add wood chips as they break down to mulch the weeds!

It would also be advised that some sort of layer was put underneath to prevent weeds growing up through the wood chips though.
It took me about 5 hours of heavy moving to get them placed where I wanted them, but I now have a 6 inch thick blanket of wood chips in what will become a very nice garden on the side of my house. Thank goodness it doesn’t happen more often, especially with how often wood chips are used on all sorts of ornamental garden beds around business buildings and homes alike! Right now I have a big pile of gravel that I could use but I'd have to wait (perhaps until next year) to do wood chips. When it rains too much, the wood chips will suck up the excess moisture and prevent ponding. But if you’re mulching your vegetable garden, the breakdown of the wood chips, and the nutrients and organic matter they add to the soil is definitely an advantage.
If there’s an apple orchard down the road, then all local cockroaches are likely to hightail it for the apple orchard and leave your wood chip pile in the middle of a field alone. Adding rocks (especially dark rocks) would soak up the heat of the sun during the day, and radiate the heat at night, helping to keep the plant warmer. Or if your wood chip pile is right next to a pick-your-own berry farm, it may become a convenient destination for cockroaches to live.

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