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Vegetable Gardening & Urban Farming: Heirloom Tomatoes & Other Vegetables, Garden Design, Container Gardening, Chickens, Bees. In this posting, I provide a free, down-loadable Excel spreadsheet that will automatically calculate the date to plant seeds for 45 vegetable types.
Enter this date into the yellow box on the Seed Calculator spreadsheet and it then calculates the planting dates for 45 varieties of vegetables. The first two columns that are shaded blue show the date that you would start your seeds indoors and the date that you would then transplant the seedlings into your garden. The third column that is shaded green shows the direct sowing date, or the date that you would plant a seed outdoors in your garden.
Most seeds can be either started indoor and transplanted or directly sown into the garden, so you'll see dates listed for both these options. Companion planting is a practice whereby certain vegetables, herbs and flowers are planted in close proximity to each other because one of the plants is believed to have a beneficial effect on the other, or in some cases a mutually beneficial effect.

Fedco - This cooperative sells vegetable varieties that are particularly well adapted to the climate in the North East. Territorial Seed - Territorial seed sells heirloom and hybrid vegetables and specializes in varieties that are good producers in the Pacific Northwest. Here's a fall planting guide to help you decide what vegetables to plant in the fall garden. Our succession gardening chart below shows the last planting dates, based on the first expected freeze dates in the fall. Extending your gardening season with a second harvest can dramatically increase your yield—and allow you to enjoy fresh vegetables into fall and winter.
To calculate the best time to plant your second vegetable crops, look at the first expected freeze dates. Below is a chart for the average expected first (winter) and last (spring) frosts in Florida.

However, there are many gardeners who swear by it and the companion planting pairings based on attracting beneficial insects and soil enhancement seem reasonable to me. In addition, fall gardening is often easier since there are less pests and problems in cooler weather. Every day we had fresh food from the garden, fresh bread from our own starter, fresh cheese we made from local cows milk, and fresh wine from a local organic vineyard. We became involved in our local community, we gardened in a community garden plot, we walked or took the bus everywhere, we made new lifestyle changes.
One is our local community gardening trust, which I’m leading into a new era of supporting gardens and urban farms throughout the northwest (not just in our own city).

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