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Few places in the country offer the diversity of landscape design possibilities as southwest Florida.
When planning a landscape, a designer can utilize a full palette of plant material with everything from exotic tropical palm trees, fruit trees, ornamentals, cacti and succulents, and of course native trees and shrubs. However the available water on the property, the drainage situation, soil condition and availability of irrigation and amount of impervious surfaces present will play a major role in the choices a landscape designer will make. Landscape designs for homes that are on salt water will have to be particularly sensitive to a variety of water issues including, storm-water drainage and fertilizer use, saltwater intrusion into the irrigation well, seasonal irrigation restrictions and a plan for the eventuality of a flood, soaking everything in saltwater for a short time. At Grants Gardens we look at the entire picture when planning a landscape design from the available water on the property, to drainage, environmental issues, soil conditions and the micro-climate in different areas of the property. After we have developed a complete understanding of the water situation on the property we can then plan a design featuring the plants, drainage, hardscape and irrigation elements that will allow for a beautiful yet sustainable landscape, designed to offer the best of nature, yet withstand the worst of nature.

If you want the Best Landscaping that South West Florida has to offer, visit our Retail Garden Center and Outdoor Tropical Showroom on Sanibel Island, or contact one of our experienced designers, to see what we can do for your property – In The Garden is located on Sanibel, across from Sanibel School. Florida residents across the state are embracing Florida-friendly landscaping practices in growing numbers.
Many homeowners are using lawns only where they serve a specific need and are adding mulched beds featuring beautiful, drought-tolerant Florida-friendly shrubs, trees and flowers, including many including Florida native plants.
Check out some examples of Florida yards around the state to gain inspiration for your landscape design.
Florida Yards & Neighborhoods (FYN) provides programs to help residents reduce pollution and enhance their environments by improving yard and landscape management.
Also, be sure to revisit this page in the future as we add more examples of great Florida-friendly yards and landscapes.

Walsh Landscaping is a family owned and operated , full service landscape design-build company that specializes in custom residential landscape design, installation, and maintenance. Whether you’re looking for a lush tropical landscape or a native friendly sustainable landscape, our talented team of designers and knowledgeable staff work together to take your landscape vision from concept to reality.

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