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While everyone loves the cooler temps and sunny-all-day weather we enjoy during the fall and winter months in Sarasota, the dramatic weather changes from summer require adjustment for optimum landscape maintenance. During the Florida summer, landscapes are usually blessed with plenty of water and optimum growing conditions for the tropical plants Southwest Floridians love. To keep your plants healthy and your water use down be sure to have your irrigation system checked for problems.
If you are looking to keep your landscape and irrigation system in top shape over this year's dry season contact Grants Garden's.
Southern Turf is a full-service landscape management provider that has been successfully serving commercial clients in the Florida market for more than 10 years.
Having an irrigation system installed in your yard is an investment in the beauty of your landscape. Growing and maintaining a healthy, green, and beautiful landscape requires a comprehensive plan designed for your specific soils, plants, and landscape.
Over-watering during the cool season can cause root-rot, mildew problems, attract insect pests and is also less than ideal considering more often than not, by winter Florida is in a drought and under water restrictions.
Your lawn maintenance company should have a sustainable and ecologically- friendly fertilizer program up and running well in advance.

Having the slightly longer turf will help the grass conserve water and not dry out as fast.
In Addition to being a full-service landscape maintenance, design and irrigation company we also offer a seasonal irrigation tuneup to make sure your home irrigation system will be in top shape all year round.
Commercial clients include, but are not limited to, retail, corporate, homeowners associations, multi-family dwellings and industrial properties. At Florida Landscape Professionals, we combine cutting edge horticultural knowledge with creative solutions and a non-stop commitment to customer care. Our landscaping, lawn, irrigation, fertilization, tree & shrub care program is second to none in Central Florida! For many it would seem the solution is simple – just increase your landscape irrigation or water your turf more, however while that is part of the solution it's not the whole story. Any good system with an electronic controller should be accounting for the change in seasons and daylight savings time, but even so, it should be checked to make sure it is running correctly. This will ensure your plants have good strong and deep roots that are better able to find the moisture they need. When the mulch and soil are wet the mulch will breakdown much faster and transfer the organic nutrients into the soil.

Many companies sell irrigation systems, but only a select few can guarantee your peace of mind. Most importantly, Good, Honest Work is what has given us a trusted name as a landscape leader in Central Florida.
Our landscape design and maintenance services provide incredible results to turf, trees, shrubs, and flowers while giving you an eco-friendly difference you can feel good about.
Coupled with the dryer conditions is cooler temps, and an almost guaranteed cold snap or two. Over-watering combined with a poor fertilizer program can cause the plant to have shallow roots and thus be more susceptible to problems during the dry season. The added organic matter will help the sandy Florida soils retain water longer as well as offer more nutrition for growing plants.

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