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The look of natural flagstone set in grass can be beautiful if done correctly and used in the right situation.
Choose a type of flagstone that is dense and solid.  Stay away from slates and other types that flake, fragment and deteriorate over time.
Purchase and layout a good selection of flagstone so you have pieces to choose from.  Notice how plywood is used to protect the paver driveway. With the flagstones now sitting on bare ground, you are ready to prepare the base on which you’ll set the stones. The basic tools for actually setting the flagstones are a mason’s trowel and rubber mallet.

If you’re not excavating the entire walkway area, but rather just under each individual flagstone, you can figure slightly less base material.
Flagstone is fractured or cleft into flat slabs of various lengths, 2 inches or more thick, with random edges. Whatever type of flagstone you choose, it must be at least 2 inches thick to avoid breakage. The flagstone most commonly used for patios includes bluestone, limestone, redstone, sandstone, granite, and slate.
Irregular shapes suit flagstone to both casual free-form and formal geometric design schemes.

Moreover, with this method, the stone is set in a bed of mortar and the joints surrounding the individual pieces of stone are filled with mortar to create a monolithic installation. Cleft stone installations require an exterior mortar, generally Type M (which has high compressive strength) or Type S (high lateral strength). Plan to spend in the neighborhood of $1 to $3 per square foot for quarried stone such as flagstone and silver mica.

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