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Rosalind's new book, Edible Landscaping, was published in November of 2010 and is now in its fourth printing. For instance, if you want colorful fall foliage and screening, forego the hedge of invasive burning bush (euonymus) and plant a row of handsome blueberry bushes instead.
I often use a large wooden planter for my strawberries because cascading berries are safe from slugs.
In cold-winter areas plant a hedge of currants and gooseberries along a path and underplant it with alpine strawberries. Use contrasting foliage size: The small leaves of the peppers, tomato plant, and lawn set off the dramatic leaves of the zucchini plants. Use flowers to add charm: Add a few petunias to a planting of chard and the bed is transformed.
Add dimension with pots and planters: Containers make a patio more interesting and productive. The containers of tomatoes and peppers shown here are only a few of the many edibles that you can use to beautify your edible landscape. The following photo gallery shows just a few of the many ways you can use tomatoes and peppers in your Edible Landscape.
Here I’ve trained two tomato plants on a flat trellis to screen off the street and give some privacy. Even though you have no garden soil to grow your edibles, you can still grow tomatoes on a patio.

When adding edibles to the garden, the principles of good design are too often forgotten. The rustic fence behind the vegetables makes the foliage stand out; the planting of dwarf marigolds add color to the mostly green bed. Runner beans clamber up a green arbor and the red planter and verbena flowers accentuate the bean's red flowers.
The color of the planters and supports add interest when the plants are young and there isn't much to see.
This stone rabbit adds some whimsy to the planting of lettuces and violas, which are also edible. A container of red geraniums, a planting of blue salvias, and a bench found at the recycling center now painted red, all give some color and style to the scene.
Italian frying peppers are especially productive plants and the peppers themselves are versatile in the kitchen. Today's gardeners are rethinking that rule and mixing herbs, vegetables, and fruits into their landscapes. In a border of non-edible plants, add dramatic groupings of ruby chard, purple-flowered eggplants, and sculptural gray-green collards.
The rambling plants cover the cut, spent stems of the chard after harvest and attract beneficial insects. Particularly, if you plant your peppers in straight boring rows and let the area get weedy.

Or, on the opposite end of the scale, the enthusiastic gardener converts an entire landscape to edibles, resulting in a haphazard design and far too much garden for the average family to maintain and use. Take note of plant characteristics, including size, leaf shape, color, flower and unusual fruit.
To get more fruit from your container planting, drill several 2" holes in the side so that strawberries, or even herbs, can be planted in the openings. And when you plant them near your doorway, you can step outside to clip fresh leaves when preparing a meal. I also plan to install a new keyhole garden out front for myself and the neighborhood to enjoy.
The harvest from the three tomato plants was over a hundred pounds of delicious home-grown, organic tomatoes-worth between $250 to $300 at the market! Plant them in a sunny spot, and expect them to look like attractive green mounds until early summer, when you can harvest their sweet, red, juicy fruit. And chives are a deer- and rabbit-resistant plant perfect for small planting pockets around the yard.

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