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It is amazingly wonderful if you think about creating a source of water for the wild birds; caring for nature is bliss.
With cute color terracotta pots you can create a lovely planter and bird bath, however measurement would be something that you need to adjust as per your requirement.  With using rebar, you can adjust the pots in slanting position and add necessary aesthetic elements.
With the help of a basic basin (an attractive shape and color would help) and some rods, you can design breathtaking bird bath and invite many bird guests to your yard. This type of DIY bird bath would enhance your yard appeal and would give much natural look; you need to fix a bucket and cover it with multiple sizes rock, on the top add a big plate and adjust the water system. This is type of bird bath can be easily made from items lying in your garage or store room. This would be amazing DIY bird bath, as it involves your aesthetics for colors and playfulness. Creativity in DIY plans can be experienced at best – you can use any type of big leaves for this and create a gorgeous looking bath for birds.
This type of bird bath would be serene and attract various birds, butterflies and other beautiful creatures to your yard. Get two big saucers, and three pots for this birdbath; assemble pots together by fixing saucers at the opposite ends.
Use terra cotta pots to make the stand for the bird bath and use colorful saucer or shallow bowl to add water. I started my work at the beginning of 2007 by engaging myself with detail reading and exchanging information with others.

My new birdbath is made from three terra-cotta pots turned upside down and nested together. Be sure can is clean and empty, proceed with caution, as sparkes from a drill could ignite residual gasoline. This piece uses lots of bits and pieces right out of my junk pile, All put together with wire (fishing line could also be used).
I also want to attempt to set a world record for building the worlds largest log birdhouse next year.
We are still working on the broken concrete patio, lots of old stuff on this old farm place to work with, just takes time and WORK.
This excerpt highlights some gorgeous and simple garden bird bath ideas that you can use to fulfill your desires. On a colorful container, you need to add misters (three or four) and create a fountain bird bath.
Pick up bowls, shallow plates and platters and make a lovely water source for birds and enjoy cheering in your yard.
You need to have a big leaf which will help you making a concrete and sand based deep platter for the birds.
Add a plastic pole or wooden pole at its base, fix in your garden, add some water to bowl and enjoy many hours of birds watching. They were all the same size so they weren't ideal for making another bench (plus I still had the remaining pair from the first bunk bed curb shopping spree).

Don’t forget to follow the mentioned steps to attain the best type of cheap bird bath; fill it with shells to attract the birds around. The plate at the top would be the bird water section; it is simple to make and would serve the purpose too in almost no costs. If over the weekend you are in mood of some fun experiment making bird bath, don’t forget to check this one out.
You can attach it at a point where you get sunlight; don’t forget to decorate with fresh flowers.
I made the finches and other little birds feel more welcome by putting a couple of flat stones in the saucer, so they could wade around. But if you are concerned that the saucer might get knocked off, you could glue it to the bottom of the top pot with waterproof adhesive caulk. Isn't she talented, look at that sweet little bird made from various bits of this and that.
This year I'm upgrading the facilities: I made a new birdbath out of terra-cotta pots, with a saucer balanced on top.
If you're inspired you could even paint the pots with the colorful trim paint left over from some other project.

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