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For more information on TRU Landscape’s Orange County water saving landscapes and our other services, please call 1-866-487-1259 today!  Our helpful office staff will be glad to assist you in setting up a free estimate or answering any questions you may have. TRU Landscape Services was called out to the thriving city of Yorba Linda for a free synthetic turf estimate. In California, landscape water use can account for up to half of commercial water use and up to 70 percent of residential water use. In order to help ease the serious drought conditions in California, government rebate reimbursements are immediately available for property owners who wish to convert their lawn areas to drought tolerant landscaping.
With minimal effort, you can have a complete drought tolerant landscaping upgrade which will increase the curb appeal of your home – grass is so yesterday!
We provide free estimates and can provide you with your estimated rebate amount after we measure your turf area to be removed.

We include drought tolerant plants landscape design with water wise landscaping materials and drought tolerant plants. Check this resource today to find if your water company offers rebates for drought proofing your landscape!
The natural lack of water, plus rainfall shortage in recent years has created drought condition serious enough for the governor to declare a drought emergency. These water-saving options include converting to ground covering of mulch, decomposed granite, a rock garden, drought tolerant plants, California native plants, xeriscape, or installing of an attractive artificial grass or any combination of the above, which are all rebate qualifying, attractive alternatives. Your new drought tolerant landscape can be free with the CA rebate that is only available for a limited time!

Fortunately there are other aesthetically pleasing and ecologically sustainable drought tolerant landscaping alternatives, which reduce water use and household utility bills. California is encouraging homeowners to do all they can to fight this historic drought by offering rebate incentives to “let go of your lawn” and replace with drought tolerant landscaping.
For example Orange County was not supplied any water from it's two main water sources last year in 2013 (The Sierras and the Colorado river) This year in 2014 the OC was only given 5% of our normal allotment! Depending on one's water district, funds from approximately $2 to $5 per square foot are available for turf removal and replacement with low-water-consuming ground cover options.

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