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Master Gardeners are not professional landscapers, but we are happy to work with homeowners and discuss what their gardening or landscaping needs are so we can direct them toward the appropriate UC resources to help them create their own dream environment. With her drought-tolerant landscapes and permeable hardscape designs, Cassy Aoyagi of FormLA Landscaping has proven her dedication to saving our most precious natural resource. Lawns need a steady supply of water to stay green, but that’s not always an option, especially if there’s a drought, or when government restrictions limit water use.

If you live in a dry climate and don’t want to exceed your liquid quota, consider using more conservative watering habits, or trading real grass for drought-resistant surfaces. Grass alternativesHollow says much of his recent business has come from California residents replacing regular grass with ground covers and other surfaces due to the state’s drought.
With water restrictions in place, California homeowners who replace turf with water-conserving landscaping can apply for rebates.

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