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A gazebo in your Long Island garden is a wonderful way to spend summers with family and friends.
There are many variations for gazebo designs, and ultimately, it's all up to what you want. Decks Unique Inc, can build your gazebo domed and fully enclosed or partially enclosed with trellis. Outdoor gazebos have been used as decorative structures for thousands of years, dating back to Egyptian gardens.

Gazebos were commonly built in the shape of a hexagon or octagon and placed in a remote corner of an elaborate garden. The gazebo is not just a garden structure any longer:  the gazebo has evolved as an extension of other outdoor living spaces such as a deck, porch or patio, adding appeal and value to your home. And gazebos designed and built by Archadeck, are versatile and can be completely customized to fit your lifestyle and budget. Click here to see Archadeck projects including gazebos, porches, pergolas and decks throughout St.

You can entertain with dining, barbecues, or take time out for yourself by lounging with a book.

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