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Patio Deck-Artfirst let me say that when i have to drive more than 1 hour and a half a way we called you before going, and the person told us we had the wrong number!! Trust St Paul deck builders, Home Customizers, to help you improve your outdoor living environment. Enjoy the warmth and beauty of durable wood on your new deck built by Home Customizers’ expert craftsmen. An outdoor deck not only adds beauty to your home and extends your living space, it also adds resale value. If you are considering adding a deck to your home, check out these 22 backyard deck designs that will add fabulous outdoor living area and increase home value.
Relax in style with this deck that offers a hot tub, garden boxes, bench seating and counter k-stop space. If you have a view of the surrounding area from your home, this is one of the outdoor deck ideas that will provide living space while enhancing your scenic views.
A long row of bench seating is backed by built-in planters that provide space for growing colorful flowers and give the feeling of sitting in nature while on the safety of your own backyard deck. Wood upon wood, layer upon layer creates this organic shaped, multi-space deck that provides an elegant outdoor living space.

Throw a pool party in style with this large deck that gets your guest up above the pool action, yet keeps them close enough to participate. This simple design extends the outdoor living space with just a few wooden boards and white gravel. Extend the living area and trick the eye into thinking there’s really more outdoor space with this unique corner design.
This design moves the indoors outside while providing overhead shelter and two enclosed sides. If you want to take the cooking outdoors with you, consider this outdoor kitchen deck that provides separate spaces for relaxing, eating and cooking. Day and nigh-time outdoor living can be enjoyed with this backyard deck filled with built-ins. A built-in wood wall on one side of this deck design defines the space while providing privacy from neighbors.
Keep out the elements and bugs while enjoying the scenery with this enclosed deck design that also feature a full size fireplace. Block the unwanted views by adding a privacy wall to one end of your deck with this design idea.

A good deck design can provide a comfortable outdoor space that make your home more capacious. The privacy wall blends with the design and adds an architectural element to the outdoor living space. Imagine how pleasant it is to read a book; or share a meal with family; or just bath in the sun sitting on a beautiful deck!
By incorporating built-ins into the design, the expense of buying furniture is eliminates and so is the need storage space for traditional deck furnishing during winter months.
Not only that, the front deck is the first sight of guests that come to your home, so a beautiful and personalized deck can be deeply impressed them.

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