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When your deck ideas include steep up and down slopes, know that they are a little more difficult to tame than gentler ones, and multiple levels are one of the best solutions.
Design- and construction-wise, gradually stepping levels up or down an incline is practical, visually exciting, and more in keeping with the natural setting. Since most houses are built at the top of a slope rather than at its base, most decks tend to start on high and proceed downward, sometimes as a straightforward split-level, often as a cascade of several platforms.

Of course, many homes lend themselves to a single high-level deck, perhaps cantilevered over a hillside. They can overshadow rooms below, and when seen from the bottom of the slope, they may dominate the house itself.Steep terrain usually dictates a hefty understructure designed to withstand a variety of soil conditions as well as to support the deck.

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