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Building a deck for your yurt can be a daunting process if you’ve never built a deck before.
Save hundreds of dollars and hours of headaches by downloading these free deck plans instead of paying an engineer or architect to design the deck for you. If you have some experience building decks, these plans will get you up and running in a snap. Now that you’ve decided to go with the highest quality yurt on the market, you need to concentrate on where it’s going and how you’re going to get it there! Yurt owner Paul brought eggs and bacon to the truck driver who drove his yurt up the logging road!Last year, we did an install high above Lake Pend Oreille near Sandpoint, Idaho. And just a few months ago, I sent Rainier Project Manager Michael to Panama to install five yurts.
Another one of my favorite stories comes from my customer, Paul, who told the truck driver transporting his Rainier Eagle Yurt and SIPS deck from Seattle to Montana to pull off at the marker for Trapper Peak and wait for daylight!  The next morning, Paul drove out to the main road at daylight with bacon, eggs and coffee! We just recently partnered with a group of architects and builders who erected a yurt on the top of the Park City Ski Resort in Utah. Rainier Yurts offers Engineered Platform Plans that we will send once you make your deposit.  I highly recommend that you work from these plans and, depending on your slope and soil conditions, make adjustments as needed.
The key is that your platform must be built to the exact diameter of the yurt so that you can raise your yurt on the platform.  You can add any secondary decking after the yurt is up. While you build your platform, our Manu-Craftering team is busy preparing your handcrafted Rainier Yurt Kit.
We recently sold a 33’ Eagle with 5 sets of 60” French Doors and 7 pairs of 84” x 50” picture windows!  The customer built a wraparound deck, mirroring on the outside the rooms and features on the inside.  He has an indoor kitchen and an outdoor kitchen, an indoor dining area and an outdoor dining area, an indoor living area and an outdoor living area … Literally balancing ying and yang in the design!

To better help our customers estimate the true cost of making a yurt into a functioning home, we will follow three customers who are installing their Eagle Yurts this summer. They’ve agreed to share with us the costs for the platform, the deck, the interior walls, and loft.  We hope to capture the true cost of building a yurt, including the electrical, plumbing, fixtures, appliances and cabinetry so that we can give you a realistic estimate of what it could cost by the time you are ready to move in.
Each of the three passionate yurt owners is as unique as their yurt floor plan, and they all have common goal: to build a personal oasis within a budget, that fits their individual needs, and meets the challenges of the local climate. The 33’ Vallejo yurt is in production and being artfully handcrafted.  It will ship next month.
The 30’ Eagle known as the Morgan is being installed in rugged mountains and is at the Platform Stage – going robust with a sonotube foundation, SIPS panel deck and the ultimate Rainier Yurt Snow Kit. There’s a great deal of information available on yurt company websites, which you can link to through our Members Directory. Colorado Yurt Company owners Dan and Emma Kiger, in the industry for well over 30 years, can tell you just about anything you need to know about yurts, tipis, or cabin tents. Yves Ballenegger of Groovy Yurts imports yurts from Mongolia for the North American market and is extremely knowledgeable about the traditional Mongolian yurts. The goal of this series is to help our customers calculate the cost of building a yurt from beginning to end.  Three of our recent yurt buyers kindly agreed to share their costs with us here on the Rainier Yurt Blog! Platform plans are available to download from our website, and after you’ve made a deposit on your Rainier Yurt, we’ll send you our Engineered Platform Plans.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I highly recommend that you work from these plans!
The platform costs for our three featured yurt owners have a pretty wide range, but you’ll notice one thing: the bigger the platform, the more it costs!
When you order your yurt, you’ll choose to either build your own deck, or purchase our Structural Insulated Panels along with your yurt package.

The basic design concept for SIPs is elegant in its simplicity and offers several advantages for yurt decks. The Morgans chose the SIPs panel platform to combat the frigid temperatures, winds, and snow loads common where they raised their yurt.
The Dugra homeowners were fortunate enough to have a small amount of recycled and donated materials which helped to keep their cost down. Rainier Yurts are famous for their ability to shed snow, withstand the wind, and provide safe shelter on a mountain side.  But in this case I’m not talking about the mountain side, I’m talking about the mountain TOP! We fabricate your yurt to your desired specs, which can include upgrades such at French doors, wood clad thermal glass windows, picture windows, secondary doors – all in exactly the location you chose. This allows for your yurt kit to be erected without any issues causing sagging or having the roof or walls being overly taught. This energy efficient system provides an extremely strong building panel that needs little or no additional support.  This makes the yurt platform framing process faster than other building methods and enables an airtight, well-insulated yurt platform.
Foremost, the platform is 100% the right diameter, the circumference is accurate for your yurt kit.
You are still responsible for the concrete footings and the under framing to support the SIPs.
There’s a whole section on Yurts and Codes, a Resources list, and links to lots of great photos.

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