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One of the biggest trends in outdoor design today is a decorative concrete pool deck, a colored, textured and inviting area surrounding the pool that does more than provide a safe, slip-resistant deck for sunbathing and barbecuing. Decorative concrete has opened the doors to creating pool decks that complement the exterior of the home, meld with the outdoor environment, and replicate exotic and traditionally expensive materials such as slate, stone or even wood. Sometimes referred to as cement pool decks, the choices available for designing a truly unique, functional, and affordable pool deck are at your fingertips. Browse our library of concrete pool deck pictures for inspiration and ideas for your backyard oasis. Concrete pool decks offer a number of advantages that other paving materials, such as stone and brick, can’t match.

Discover useful resources and get behind-the-scenes info on outrageous concrete pool deck designs from across the country. Learn how a concrete pool deck can be imprinted with stamps in a variety of patterns and colors.
Get ideas for sprucing up your existing pool deck with overlays that can be colored, stamped and stenciled. Learn how to lay out a pool deck taking into consideration sun, shade, privacy, views, the size of the yard and more.
Compare popular types of pool coping, including poured and precast concrete, as well as natural stone.

Download these design sheets for concrete pool deck ideas in modern, old-world, or traditional design schemes.
Inground pool decks are now given nearly as much attention as the interior design of the home. With the new techniques for stamping and applying decorative concrete, any look can be created at a fraction of the cost.

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