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Now that we have discussed some of your deck flooring options, it is time to discuss which type of flooring patterns you are going to use. You can vastly improve the appearance of your decking by laying some of the decking boards at different angles. If you are skilled, you can arrange them in a patterns, which not only look great, but can provide interesting talking points with your family guests and visitors. Decking board patterns can also break-up the boring appearance of larger decks, where the builder likes to put them all in the same direction to save time, material, and money. These Decking Boards are Patterned around the high GazeboIt takes longer to design and build, but the effect is tremendous!
A Striking Square or Diamond Pattern in the Decking BoardsAnother attractive feature and great talking point!
A Close-Up view of a Curved Pattern with Decking BoardsIt takes time and effort, but the result is worth it! Hardwood decking boards laid at cross-angles to separate areasLaying Boards at different angles divides various parts of large decking.
These Decking Boards have an Hexagonal PatternThey Improve the Appearance of the Decking and Coversation Pit!

The focal point of this decking is the Diamond Pattern in the BoardsUse your imagination, be creative, and you can design great decking!
You can also change the direction of your decking boards for the various levels, when you use split-level, or multi-level decks in your project.
Having each level of decking with the decking boards laid in different directions is an interesting design feature, and will improve the appearance of your decking.
The largest collection of interior design and decorating ideas on the Internet, including kitchens and bathrooms. Using stamped concrete for pool decks: Available patterns, tips for the stamping concrete process, and more. If you’d like to take a closer look at our high-quality deck boards, simply click below and fill out the form. If you’d like to see some more decking design ideas, please visit our Gallery to see some of the dream decks we’ve supplied in the past.
And if you already have a few decking design ideas in mind, get in touch with TimberTech UK and we’ll help you to make your dream deck a reality! This is a good safety feature, because it emphasises the change of level in the decking.

The important thing to remember, when cutting decking boards to create patterns with your deck, is to ensure each join is neat and 100% accurate, or the deck will look unsightly. Here at TimberTech UK, we offer an endless variety of options for our customers to choose from; our stunning deck boards can be arranged into all sorts of different patterns, and with numerous colours, accessories, and added features on offer, no two TimberTech decks are ever exactly alike! If your deck is to be built on an incline, the design may need to include a series of steps; it is also possible to incorporate benches, planters, and many other features into your decking design. Our customers are welcome to mix and match multiple products from the TimberTech range; in fact, that’s why our free sample service allows you to request two decking samples instead of just one! Our happy clients have sent in photographs of their TimberTech decks to help give you an idea of the effects that can be achieved with our stylish decking products.
Keep in mind what has become really popular is to single or double picture frame you deck with lets say a darker color decking material and the inner part of the decking be a lighter color.

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