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Gone are the days of perfectly manicured lawns as many homeowners choose to create unadulterated natural landscapes. Gardeners are redefining beauty in the landscape by converting their traditional lawns and yards into natural spaces.
Natural landscapes include bee- and butterfly-friendly gardens, wildflower meadows, and woodland habitats that attract birds. Creating a sustainable landscape can mean many things, but I define it as creating a place where the landscape can care for itself in terms of food, water, and protection, which is no different from what you do to provide for your family. In doing so, they are harmonizing with nature, so instead of running the lawnmower in the evening, they now listen to the sound of songbirds.

Gardening with a natural landscape brings back an eco-friendly lifestyle, so you can safely share it with friends and family, as well as the birds, bees, and butterflies. Simply put, sustainable gardening is the gardening practice of conserving an ecological balance by avoiding the depletion of natural resources. If you want a place to picnic with the kids or toss the baseball with your daughter, leave the grass you need, but then look at your yard with a natural eye. A natural screen can provide as much privacy as a wooden fence while adding beauty to the landscape. You can gather Natural Rock Garden Landscape Ideas guide and see the latest The Advantages When Creating Rock Garden Style in here.

An added bonus is that a natural privacy screen looks lovely from all sides, so even your neighbor can enjoy it!For most homeowners or landscapers, the go-to plant in this situation is the arborvitae. This is fine if there is plenty of sun and limited space, otherwise, dare to be more creative.

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