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Pat from South Carolina, another friend and follower on Facebook, suggested that my mother-in-law put dried roses in a shadow box. Now that Valentine’s Day is over, you might be wondering what to do with those bouquets of roses you might have received from a loved one. I am a pretty sentimental gal myself, and awhile back I mentioned that I’ve kept and saved a basket full of roses my husband has given me throughout our relationship (we met when we were 14!).
More recently I decided to use a different technique to use dried roses in my home decor—instead of using whole dried roses, I crushed the rose petals.
Place roses in a baggie and start to smash the petals, squeezing and crushing them into small pieces.
I poured mine into a small bowl and used the bottom of a medicine cup to make the petals even smaller.
Then I traced the outline with Elmer’s Glue and used a foam craft brush to fill in the letter more.
Next I covered the glue with the crushed rose petals—the same way you would do with glitter. I also made another easy project using a design I made in Photoshop (me and hubby’s initials, awwww!), printed on photo paper. I framed it in an awesome bracket frame that I painted and glazed from Poppy Seed Projects, and I’m happy with how it turned out! You can completely personalize this and use any shape you want for the crushed rose petals.

I had received close to 400 roses from my now husband when he was dating me and into our engagement. I also thought it was funny to see someone else had thought of the same thing to do with old meaningful roses in a shadowbox! On her birthday in December, she received a stunning arrangement of long-stemmed red roses, one rose for every year of her life. Pat sent a photo where roses were dried intact and shaped into a heart within a shadow box.
Some of her favorite crafts to make are greeting cards, so I was excited to find this rose petal craft idea for her from Maggy at Red Ted Art.
I always enjoy ornaments with special meaning as they bring back memories each year when you hang them on the tree. You’ve already seen it, but I wanted to let your readers know your project was featured at Link’n Blogs! My husband and boys gave me roses last weekend so I’ve been able to enjoy them all week. Whether you're cooking, crafting or creating for your family, you're bound to find inspiration. After MANY years of collecting and saving the roses I finally used some of them to make a Rose Heart Shadow Box a few years ago that I still love displaying to this day! This helps to keep their shape better as they dry, which would be important if you wanted to make the shadow box project I linked to at the top of this post.

Make sure all of the glue is covered, then carefully shake off the excess petals back into the bowl or onto a paper towel to use for other projects.
For another project I used roses that my sweet husband gave our daughters for their Christmas dance recital. We hope you’ll love the ideas we found for rose petal crafts, keepsakes and gifts as much as we do. It really is a pretty simple (and a bit messy) project, but ends up being a wonderful and meaningful piece of art! I was admiring her beautiful flowers while we were visiting over the holidays, so she and I started to talk about what she could do with the flowers after they started to wilt. You can kind of clean it up and use your fingers to push the petals into place and make sure the shape is the way you want it to be, adding more petals if there are any gaps. I traced a butterfly shape this time around onto some patterned paper, then matted it with white cardstock. The only two ideas for rose petal crafts that we could come up with were drying the rose petals to make into potpourri or simply putting them in a glass vase of some sort to keep on a shelf.
We knew there had to be other clever ways to use them for rose petal crafts or to create special keepsakes so she could enjoy them longer.

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