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We continue with our DIY Lace Crafts from the list of refashion ideas that involve this pretty material. With a little piece of lace adjusted to the size of your jar and the circumference, you can create a totally new recycled object! Don’t forget to search for materials, lace and everything you will need to make these beautiful ideas into a reality. One of my most favorite DIY projects EVER are the lace princess crowns I made for the girls’ birthday parties. Saturate the trim in fabric stiffener, swipe off excess with your fingers, lay the lace flat to dry in a straight line on waxed paper.

This is an excellent summertime project (particularly here in the dry heat of CA – not sure how humidity effects drying time). I bought lace last night at Hobby Lobby which I didnt think had a good selection but anyhow it ran 17.99 a yard. I bought some lace last week and am sitting here right now making a few crowns for some heavenly princesses I know… including mine. You can even convert something simple into a sophisticated item, just by adding a piece of lace.
You can also use lace edging at the ends or borders when you want to enlarge an outfit you like, but find it too small or short.

I applied two coats of mod podge stiffy which made them nice and stiff but as soon as I applied the acrylic paint they softened again.
I tell them they will have all they need for their grandchildren between my skills from my etsy shop and all the great tutorials I save!

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