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Now, my kids adore butterflies, and each year we get our own set of caterpillars, that we watch transform into stunning butterflies. Coffee Filter Butterflies (we show how to make these using craft sticks, pipe cleaners or clothes pegs) These butterflies look gorgeous for decorating a child’s bedroom wall as we have done! Thank you for including my Butterfly Feeder activity in your your 35 Butterfly Crafts feature!

We first made these Leaf Lanterns about three years ago at German Toddler Group – one of the other carers with tons of group crafting experience showed us how to make them.
Butterflies and butterfly crafts have been the number one request from my 5.5 year-old lately.
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Some of the recent butterfly crafts we have done include this beautiful Monarch Butterfly, this Painted Lady butterfly, a cute Paper Roll Butterfly, a Handprint Butterfly, a GIANT Printable Butterfly, and a Popsicle Stick Butterfly.

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