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OK, we're back with another look at a garden style, and I suspect this one is a bit more relatable to most people: the good ol' cottage garden.
The free-flowing nature of cottage gardens makes a gardener want to throw on a big straw hat and a pair of overalls and spend days puttering in it. We've already looked at modern gardens and formal gardens, but now it's time to loosen things up a little. Stone walls bring to mind traditional English cottage gardens and paths of flagstone can look like they just sprang up out of the garden.

They will be a lot of work to establish, if only because of the sheer number and variety of plants, but once they are grown, there will be a lot of maintenance in spring and fall to get the garden cleaned up and not as much in mid-summer when full plants will keep weeds at a minimum. The nice thing with cottage gardens is that if you don't like where you've put a plant, you can usually move it elsewhere in the garden without having to redesign the whole thing (try doing that with a formal garden). Cottage gardeners love poking around their gardens and find it difficult to just sit down and enjoy them without popping up to pull a weed or deadhead a spent bloom. I'm Erin and this is where you'll read about my gardening and home improvement successes, failures and everything in between in southeastern Wisconsin, zone 5b.

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