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Cottage gardens started in Medieval England when poor cottagers grew their own food, medicine, fabric dyes and scents right out the back door. In America, they were originally grown as farmyard gardens and were jumbles of flowers, herbs and vines grown close together to maximize the area close to the house. Create a lovely English garden look using tropicals with spider flower Cleome, Vinca major 'Merry-Go-Round-Red' and Melinus 'Pink Crystals' grass (Plant of Merit), Verbena bonariensis (Plant of Merit), Nicotiana langsdorfii, and Cuphea 'David Verity' (Plant of Merit). The Missouri Botanical Garden's Plants of Merit list is one of the best places for gardeners to begin their search for tropical plants. A pair of self-taught gardeners followed their hearts rather than fixed principles to cultivate color, joy and happenstance in their inviting, cottage-style suburban Ohio yard. Linda and Jeff Laine have only two hard-and-fast rules when tending the 18 (and counting) gardens surrounding their Westerville, Ohio, home: “Experiment! More than two decades ago, the couple spent a year searching for the perfect empty lot for a house and garden: They wanted a blank canvas—no trees—and southern exposure for the backyard. The English-style cottage garden overflows with a tangle of blooms, and there are more than a dozen separate islands and tucked-away spaces throughout the yard.

A visit to the cottage and gardens of Anne Hathaway, William Shakespeare’s wife, in England inspired the overall relaxed, meandering design. When they started cataloging their dahlias for a garden tour a few years ago, the Laines realized that they had—almost—a full alphabet of the tubers.
Choose furniture, structures and decorative items that appear as if they’ve graced the garden for decades. Of humble origins, cottage gardens took root in the English countryside and included plants gathered from nearby woods and fields.
Jeff and Linda add at least 10 new plant varieties every year to their exuberant garden, and once, on a whim, planted a flower bed deliberately filled with "clashing" orange and reds. During the Victorian period, artists and poets romanticized cottage gardens to escape the harshness of the Industrial Revolution. Compact, colorful, fragrant, informal and utilitarian are all adjectives used to describe cottage gardens. Once the garden is mature, you can start sharing your seeds and volunteer plants with fellow gardeners.

Included in the mix is a wedding garden with low-maintenance roses and a chapel birdhouse, the green-and-white garden, a gazebo garden of swaying grasses, and four little fairy gardens filled with tiny houses and whimsical plants with mini blossoms or polka-dot leaves. In that same spirit, we asked Bob Henrickson, head of Nebraska State Arboretum’s Great Plants for the Great Plains program, to suggest unsung natives showy enough to be in Midwest cottage gardens like the Laines’. Think rose-covered arbors, cascading window boxes, riots of color and texture, a slightly unkempt, blowzy look of variety, and you will have the mental picture of a cottage garden. Translated into gardening terms, it means no matter how fresh and beautiful your plants seem in May and June, a good many of them will be deep-fried by August.
Nurture the impression of stumbling upon a secret garden by letting plants sprawl across paths, peek out from crevices and weave through furniture. Chris Kelley of the Cottage Garden in Piasa, IL, has the perfect recipe to get you out of that gardening frying pan and perhaps even loving the fire.

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