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Cottages of all types, log homes and those having a country-style will easily find themselves right at home with this informal design.
The more modern dwellings, however, may not complement this type of landscape.Design ElementsA cottage garden should be located in a sunny area, usually along a walkway towards the front entrance and embellished with a rustic-looking gate or arbor of some kind. Typical items might include a watering can or old garden tools, depending on the style of the home and other structures.

These structural elements also help define space and should complement the surroundings as well.What to GrowCottage gardens contain a diversity of plants, delighting all the senses and creating a natural, relaxed atmosphere.
Repetition of one or more colors is a good way to tie everything together.Beds in the cottage garden should be prepared with organic materials, such as compost, to improve soil quality and promote healthier and more vigorous plant growth. There are some gardeners that prefer to deadhead spent blooms to encourage nonstop flowering.

With the arrival of spring, your cottage garden will take on new life with the emergence of plants popping up in some interesting locations.

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