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Decorative Landscape Curbing is the only permanent edging that is both highly attractive and cost-effective, and yet has the versatility to please the most discriminating taste. Other edging products rust, rot, break and shift – but curbing remains vibrant for the life of your landscape!
As a result, curbing is the most cost-effective, attractive and sensible edging product available today!
A wide range of colors, accents and antique looks to choose from means every curbing job is unique. A professionally installed water feature can help turn your landscape into something special by providing soothing sounds and visual interest. If you're like many in the landscape business, just trying to keep your doors open has been a challenge these last few years.

Produce a unique, automated process, decorative curbing compliments any landscape settings. With fewer new homes being built and many of your former clients who have either cut back on spending for landscaping or lost their homes entirely, you’ve been busy just trying to stay afloat. Not only are water features a beautiful addition to any landscape, they also have the natural ability to attract a variety of birds and butterflies.
It not only looks great, but it also functions as a cost-effective and stylish landscape border.
Whether they want to be the first on the block with new curbing, or they want to follow the trend, you should have no trouble convincing your clients of the benefits.
The add-ons, however, are what make curbing stand out, and what will add greatly to your profits.

Polymer additives, along with pea gravel or cables for support, can now prevent the heaving and cracking that used to discourage curbing in colder weather. According to Money magazine, the recovery value on landscape investments is between 100 and 200 percent, more than any other home improvement.

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