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FOR COLOR MATCHING, DETAILED STAMPING AND LASTING QUALITY THERE IS ONLY ONE CHOICECURB SENSATIONS!859-200-7674There is no comparison in Concrete Curbing! Call us today for the absolute best in continuous concrete curbing.859-200-7674OrFill out the feedback in the field below. Curb Sensations Central Kentucky’s absolute best choice for Continuous Concrete Landscape Curbing. Colleges, Businesses and Home Owners let us do your family crest or logo-embellished landscape border. If you're like many in the landscape business, just trying to keep your doors open has been a challenge these last few years.
See for yourself the difference between cheap curbing and affordable decorative landscape edging.
Curb-It™ brand landscape curb and other generic curb brands is in the mix design and finish of the concrete. Today Verle Conrad has over 20 years of experience which give Curb-It™ brand landscape curbing the superior edge.

Curb Sensation's continuous concrete borders brings curb appeal and life to your lawn and garden designs.
With fewer new homes being built and many of your former clients who have either cut back on spending for landscaping or lost their homes entirely, you’ve been busy just trying to stay afloat.
Our certified operators use the most innovative curbing machines and processes that ensure your curb will be the strongest, longest lasting and most beautiful on the market today. Check out why the Pros think decorative landscape curbing by Kwik Kerb puts the finishing touches on your home's curb appeal.
Before that he worked with his father who owned his own concrete slab and driveway business. This guarantees you get the absolute best possible product in the landscape border industry.
Landscaper's love our product as it is firmly anchored in place and reduces time spent edging. Now, with positive signs of an improving economy, it may be time to think about what other areas you might explore to help grow your business.

Whether they want to be the first on the block with new curbing, or they want to follow the trend, you should have no trouble convincing your clients of the benefits. The add-ons, however, are what make curbing stand out, and what will add greatly to your profits. Polymer additives, along with pea gravel or cables for support, can now prevent the heaving and cracking that used to discourage curbing in colder weather. According to Money magazine, the recovery value on landscape investments is between 100 and 200 percent, more than any other home improvement.

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