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We saw these garden tubs on wheels over at AT:Chicago yesterday and thought you all might enjoy seeing them too. The wheeled Food Map Containers are made by a young design firm in Santa Monica, and they manufacture their products right there in Los Angeles out of recycled materials that are themselves recyclable. Spotted on Instructables, this mobile garden-on-wheels is a stylish step up from planting in a wheel barrel. LGarden Elevated Garden on Wheels - - mobile raised container garden ergonomically designed for comfortable gardening. New and innovative off-the-ground gardening bed provides 12 square feet of waist-high gardening space. Easy to reach from all sides, making the LGarden ideal for seated gardening and for gardeners with a limited range of motion.
Four locking wheels let you move your garden throughout the day to follow the sun and prevent the garden for rolling on unlevel surfaces or in high winds.

Recycle flea-market finds, wooden boxes, garden accessories, kitchen bowls and more into fun container gardens.
Plain terra-cotta garden containers gain weathered-over-time style with easy DIY techniques. In the back container, pretty 'Starfire' marigold blooms over an 'Ozark Beauty' strawberry patch. Create a one-of-a-kind flower container with your broken pottery, glass and porcelain.For this DIY garden project, start with a terra-cotta pot and gather decorative materials, such as broken dishes or glass pebbles. The homeowners at this Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, garden love unusual displays and containers. The earthy colors of the antique container complement the flowers: red cockscomb celosia, yellow pansies, orange 'Peter Pan Mix' zinnias and 'Deep Orange' pansies. An old drawer is a perfect fit for this miniature container garden and its tiny birdhouse and birdbath, garden chairs, watering can and pretty arch.

These vintage compotes' mottled colors complement the dusty hues of succulents.In the container at left, we paired the ruffle-leaved Mexican hens (Echeveria shaviana) with ghost plants (Graptopetalum paraguayense).
Line the containers with landscape fabric or black plastic with drainage holes to help retain soil and moisture.
I think gardening is a learn by trial and error thing and you will just get better every year!

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