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Container gardening, patio gardening, balcony gardening, whatever you want to call it, it’s a great way to grow your own vegetables, herbs and even flowers in the smallest of spaces. Container plants love nutrients and will suck the nutrients dry from your soil quicker than you want them to. Well folks, those are some of the tips I’ve picked up on during the last few years of patio gardening here in Colorado.
If you find yourself wanting to experience the joys of gardening but think that you don’t have enough room because you don’t have a real yard, you should consider container patio gardening. One of the most important considerations during your planning stages is determining the type of containers that you are going to use for your container patio garden. Containers with a five-gallon capacity are going to be the most useful for your gardening needs as far as most vegetables are concerned. Some of your vegetables need deep containers to grow properly while other varieties can make do with a shallow container. Another consideration that you must think about is whether or not you want to use porous or nonporous containers.
Although wall planters are attractive and can be used to save valuable ground-level space, your use of them is going to be limited to whatever walls are present in the patio area. Window boxes can be used to add a touch of color to your apartment or house walls while also giving you added space for gardening. Although just about any vegetable that you can grow in a traditional garden can be grown in a container patio garden within reason, it is important to consider just how much space you have when you select your plants so that you can choose wisely.
You should stay away from vining plants unless you intend to use vertical gardening strategies. Vegetables that are well-suited for container gardening include: tomatoes, peppers, leaf lettuce, squash, beans, green onions, mini-carrots, and radishes. One of your most important considerations is to select the proper container for the type of flowers that you plant.
You can use flowers in a vegetables and herb container garden to attract beneficial insects including pollinators to your garden in order to create an optimal growing environment.

If several varieties of plants are going to share one container, then the container needs to be sufficiently large to accommodate all of them. In courtyards and patio gardens where there are no inground planting and flower beds, it's necessary to use planters and container gardens. Since you can select almost any size container in almost any shape and made out of almost any material for your patio garden, you have lots of options. You need to select a container that is going to be large enough to hold a growing plant while being the proper size to fit in the spot that you need to place it.
Smaller containers in the one to two gallon range are best used for herbs, leaf lettuce, and radishes. For example, radishes and green onions can grow nicely in a shallow container whereas carrots and potatoes do best when growing in containers that are deep. Faux stone and fiberstone styles are not as heavy as true stone or concrete and so they make more sense for patios that are suspended into the air such as those found attached to apartments and condos. This type of planter is perfect for lounging patios or those on which you intend to do quite a bit of entertaining. If you are planning your container patio garden with a contemporary look, you might want to include uniquely designed planters that portray modern themes, shapes such as mailboxes, and split pots. A trellis, fence, or vegetable cage can be used to support your vining plants so they grow above the container rather than trailing over it. It is important to consider the type of vegetable that you are planting when you select your containers. Choose your container wisely, making sure that it provides sufficient growth for each variety of plant that you include. It is important to consider a few points regarding how much time you want to spend in the garden, whether you want to create a theme for your garden, and how large of a container patio garden you want to create. You want to select a container that is going to be roomy enough to allow your plants to grow properly without being so large that they appear out of place. If your patio containers are going to be exposed to low temperatures, you should look for ceramic planters that have been labeled as frost or freezing resistant.

However, this makes them a great choice for patio gardens that are exposed to windy conditions.
If your patio garden is located in an area where heavy winds are going to occur, choose heavier planters that can handle the wind. Self-watering planters are perfect for those hard-to-reach areas of a container patio garden. The following chart provides a handy guide with suggested container size for various vegetables. Edible herb container gardens are those that include a variety of herbs for use in salads, cooking, and teas.
Annuals that are well-suited for container growing include begonias, marigolds, salvias, petunias, and caladiums. In the case of marigolds, you can even include them in containers with certain vegetables through companion planting.
For roomy areas of your patio garden, you can select wooden half barrels, plastic tubs, bushel baskets, large drums, planter boxes, and ceramic pots.
This style of container is a bit more expensive, but the convenience you get is well worth the price. For the best results, place a few drainage holes about ? to ? inch above the container’s bottom on the sides of the container so that it can drain freely when necessary.
Fiberglass, fiberstone, and resin planters are easy-to-care-for making them an easy choice for the patio gardener with limited time. Adding a proper lining of gravel or coarse pebbles in the bottom of the container is also beneficial to the plants.

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