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Smaller planted containers can be grouped to create a still life on an outdoor table or deck and rearranged for a fresh new look.
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Gardening everyone can enjoy: The beauty of container gardening is that everyone can do it. Frames for entryways: There's nothing as welcoming as a doorway flanked by beautiful containers spilling over with seasonal plants. Enhancing a deck or patio: Containers with a variety of flowers and foliage can be attractively arranged to make the most of small spaces.

Last summer the Fine folks at Fine Gardening photographed all of our container designs for the this years annual edition of Container Gardening Magazine. Container Gardening is bursting with inspiring ideas you can follow to the letter or use as a springboard for your own creations. Container Gardening will bring out the artist in you and make your garden more beautiful than ever. You can plant pots for dozens of different purposes and experience the joy of gardening even if space is limited.
7 shows how containers can be used within the landscape for a variety of important purposes.

Whether you have acres to garden or just a window ledge, whether you’re in full sun or serious shade, we can help you find the right solution for the container garden you want to grow. Plus we cover growing edibles in containers – a perfect solution for anyone looking to grow a kitchen garden anywhere.

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