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I love container gardening since if something's not working out in one spot, I can move it around until I find its ideal location.
I've had particularly good success with Murphy's Agave, Bougainvillea, Mediterranean fan palm and Pony tail palm in containers. Starting from scratch on a custom potted plant garden, you can expect to spend $500 to $800 per finished container. I am going out today to home depot and am going to start my collection of containers and plants.

The Contained Gardener from Sonoran Gardens Landscape Design & Construction, can make your home bloom with magnificent color year-round without the expense of an entire renovation.
I was water gardening in the pond, but gave it up, so now the pond is just water, waterfall and chlorine. Dwarf citrus does well, I have Mexican Thornless Lime, Variegated Calamondin, Limequat, Royal Mandarin, and Buddha's Hand in containers. I would like a variety of large and small containers with eye catching plants, flowering or greenery.

With containers, you can move the plants to sun during the winter, and then more shade when the blast furnace returns.

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