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Use hot colors, such as purples and reds, to spice up the container gardens on your patios and decks. Evergreens, such as false holly or dwarf nandina, look great in containers, as do small trees, such as Japanese maple, if the container is large enough.
Containers can be clay, ceramic or plastic pots, wood barrels, wire baskets lined with sphagnum moss, repurposed household items, or flea-market finds. This year I decided to grow some veggies in containers, rather than directly in the ground.
The containers I'm using are wooden apple baskets I picked up at the local farm supply store for only a few dollars each. Kale, both ornamental and edible, works great in containers for leafy contrast against snapdragons and pansies.
Shaggy, yet tidy, it’s perfect to edge borders and walkways and as foils to other textural forms—here with dianella, palm grass and Ming fern.

One of the trends in gardening and landscaping today is the increasing use of decorative containers. Fill with a well draining soil misture suitable for the type of plant to be grown in the container. Containers look best in groupings, therefore plant choices must be compatibled with the entire grouping.
You are not limited to three plants so put your atristic touch and talent to work and have fun creating a beautiful container pllant display.
Whether filled with annuals, perennials, vegetables, herbs, or evergreens, containers can add splashes of color to a patio or deck and provide edibles just outside the back door. It’s important to have holes in the bottom for drainage, but if you desire a favorite pot without holes, place an insert or another pot with holes inside the container. The containers allow me to easily use better soil, and allow me to organize the containers as necessary for the size of the plants.

In each bimonthly issue, Grit includes helpful articles, humorous and inspiring articles, captivating photos, gardening and cooking advice, do-it-yourself projects and the practical reader advice you would expect to find in America’s premier rural lifestyle magazine. From herbs, colorful kales, and red-veined sorrel, he puts a winter spin on summer containers or to fill in those soon-to-be dormant perennials. Adelante Landscape designer Cheryl Beesley and author of Landscaping with Edible Plants in Texas mingles good taste with tasteful design. Plants that naturally cascade, such as coral plant (Russelia equisetiformis), impatiens, or petunias, look great alone in containers.
When compared to containers of similar size at a garden shop, the apple baskets are much more affordable and so far they work just fine for me.

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