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Trees are grown, harvested, and marketed in three forms: balled and burlapped (B&B), in containers, or bare root.
Once the tree is planted, a maintenance program should be implemented to monitor water, insects, and disease. This allows for rapid, healthy growth in a container but can be a limiting factor to establishment in the landscape. The appeal of our concrete edging borders is its ability to complement your existing landscaping while giving you a beautiful, maintenance free landscape border.

There are tons of reasons why concrete landscape curbing is right for your Charleston SC home or business. We were able to efficiently put in quality ADA compliant pathways with TRUEGRID while maintaining a natural look that fit our landscape. On your property the storm water can create localized flooding on hard surfaces like driveways, parking areas or fire lanes that are made out of asphalt or concrete, possibly causing damage to parked vehicles, structures or any other property located in, or adjacent to, the flooded area.
TRUEGRID permeable pavers are the strongest, most durable eco-friendly alternative to concrete and asphalt.

You can choose from a wide variety of stone and brick patterns that will enhance and distinguish your landscaped flowers beds, pathways and more.

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