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As a commercial property owner, you understand the value of keeping your Kauai grounds manicured and looking lush.
If you’ve shopped around for commercial landscape maintenance services, you know that the prices can vary widely.
We often meet property managers who are frustrated with their landscaping company because they feel the contractor is not providing quality service. As you select a landscape maintenance firm to care for your Kauai commercial property, be sure that proposals list out services in detail so you can truly compare the offerings.
We don’t pull numbers from a hat when determining costs: Our commercial maintenance prices are based on concrete figures and expenses.
After 14 years in business offering a range of landscape services, we know how to estimate the cost to maintain a landscape.
To do that, we’ll visit the site, talk with you about the area’s needs and then explain the costs.
Our biggest expense is our experienced team, and it’s also the main cost with commercial maintenance work. We’ll use the site’s measurements, in conjunction with the other elements, to calculate the overall cost for maintenance. We offer a variety of commercial landscape maintenance services like mowing, edging, integrated pest management, blowing, pesticide and fertilizer treatments, tree and shrub pruning and irrigation management.

If the commercial project has been well maintained in the past, it might not require much work to keep it looking its best. That is also a factor that will affect the cost, but it’s normally an upfront expense to get the landscape to a manageable level.
When you’re ready to find out the cost of commercial landscape maintenance, contact Native Land Design. In Part 1 of this post, we looked at a list of some of the variables that commercial landscape service companies consider when pricing your property’s landscape maintenance service. Because we know that labor is so critical to the success of our business, getting an estimate of the hours they will need to service your property to the level you expect is an absolute necessity.
A company that takes the extra time to perform a detailed evaluation of your property and prices your landscape maintenance service contract fairly is free to deliver the best result from your landscaping. Naturally, the more labor hours we dedicate to the grounds, the more the service will cost.
Coconut palms require experienced labor and equipment because coconuts must be removed so they do not present a hazard on the property. If a property is in disrepair and requires extra TLC, the maintenance service fees will cost more—until we can get the grounds back to a healthy state. For over 30 years, No Ka Oi has been the leader in commercial landscape maintenance services on Kauai.

I wish all of our projects had a landscaping contractor as diligent as No Ka Oi Landscape Services. The lowest price isn’t always the best one, so it’s important to know what all goes into the cost. On the other hand, if you only want the grass mowed and edged once a week, that will cost less. For example, if you want the crews there on the weekends or before or after work hours, it may cost a premium. Measuring, counting, and evaluating the overall health of your landscaping can take a considerable amount of time, but is absolutely essential to accurately determining the amount of time it will take our crews to service your property. We treat our clients’ landscapes as if they were our own, and this might cost more than a contractor that can only “mow and blow” — and go.

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