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When designing for the coast, using elements that reflect the theme of the ocean can help your landscape fit into the surroundings. The weathered wood of this Adirondack chair fits in beautifully with the muted tones of this windswept coastal garden.
While many coastal gardens are designed to reflect the natural lines of the surrounding landscape, this is a gorgeous example of a contemporary approach. Above all, your coastal garden should have a comfortable place to gather and enjoy the view. The subtropical landscape of Southwest Florida has long attracted those seeking a second home. I also write regularly for Fine Gardening Magazine, The Christian Science Monitor, Proven Winners Plants, and Landscaping Network.
The salty winds can be tough on plants and people, yet the breeze brings a sense of anticipation and motion to the landscape and should be thought of as an opportunity to bring the garden alive with flowing grasses and other loosely textured plants.The ocean itself is a fantastic source of inspiration for the landscape.

Bonus: Succulents perform well in often-sandy coastal soils and tolerate salt winds with ease.
Yet despite the threat of hurricanes, the cost of home insurance and other problems, about a thousand people move to Florida each day, many of them to Manatee, Sarasota, Charlotte, Lee and Collier Counties.
Some buyers who have found Naples’s “Platinum Coast” too expensive — the median home price there is $500,000 and prices in the millions are commonplace — are going north to Sarasota, where the prices are lower and the cultural amenities are more numerous.
The golf course at the Concession, a new development, has been rated by the Florida State Golf Association as the toughest in the state.
With 6,500 homes sold in its first 10 years, the Ranch is home to a number of professional athletes because it is a short commute for players with Tampa Bay’s three professional sports teams, and athletes in general like Florida’s lack of a state income tax.
Upon Ringling’s death, the state of Florida inherited his museum (now the official state art museum) and his 22,000-square-foot Venetian palazzo on Sarasota Bay, Ca’ d’Zan.Sarasota has a booming downtown with new condo towers dramatically altering the skyline. They stand alongside a number of older condo towers, including L’Elegance.Siesta KeySettlement of this large barrier island started in earnest around 1910, when boats were the major mode of transportation on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

The island has shops and restaurants, and lacks the pretension that can be felt in other wealthy towns along the Gulf Coast. International artists are invited to live, work and share with the local community for months at a time.EnglewoodThis is traditional coastal Florida, with relatively low waterfront prices to boot. The wide, shallow Charlotte Harbor, still lined with plenty of undeveloped shoreline, is renowned as a magnet for sport fishermen.Boca GrandeIn Florida, few towns are more secluded and unchanging than Boca Grande. Other big malls include the Gulf Coast Town Center and the mammoth, under-construction Coconut Pointe.NaplesNaples is among the nation’s wealthiest winter retreats, largely because of its outstanding golf courses, restaurants, shopping and cultural amenities. Median home price of about $500,000 are the highest in Florida, but inventory is growing and buyers have plenty of choices.In a county full of prestigious neighborhoods, four stand out.

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