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For more detailed market analysis to be used for an appraisal report or any appraisal-related purpose or valuation consulting, please contact Ryan at 916-595-3735 for more information. We've explored plenty of outdoor showers on Houzz, but people are also adding outdoor bathtubs.
Architect Cathy Schwabe's clients for the home shown here love getaway weekends at places with private outdoor spas, and they brought a similar sanctuary to their own house.

When homeowner Sloan Schang looked into hot tubs for his yard, the $6,000-plus price tag gave him a shock. Eschewing the 1980s party hot tub, they're settling for simple bathtubs outdoors; ones they can drain and refill instead of keeping that same mystery stew in there for seasons on end. Others are using outdoor tubs for a cooling dip after the hot tub soak or sauna sit, as planters or as microbrew chillers at parties.

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