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Whitney: I love planting succulent containers, they are such an easy way to add plant life to your home, without all the responsibility. Whitney: You always want to add a variety of heights and shapes to your container, just to keep it interesting. We also need to grab some soil specially formulated for desert-loving succulents and cacti. And don’t forget to take your container with you to the Home Depot to test out the sizes and see how it looks! Caroline: Since this container will primarily function as a centerpiece for my dining room table, I want it to look nice from all sides. Caroline: Some of the plant varieties we chose were really prickly, so while we didn’t use gloves, they wouldn’t be a bad idea! Once we had all of the cacti and succulents planted, we used a simple DIY tool to tamp the soil down– a dowel with a wine cork attached to the end. Whitney: Tamping the soil down is really one of the last steps in creating your succulent garden.
Whitney: To polish off the look of our container garden, we dropped small pebbles all around the soil. Caroline: After the top dressing is covering the soil, the container garden really starts to look finished! Lowe’s Desert gardening expert shares some favorite low-care patio planting ideas for containers. One of the most important aspects of grouping containers together visually is to choose complementary pot colors.
Small cactus species with minimal spines, such as the Bishop’s cap (Astrophytum myriostigma) pictured, are excellent as container plants.

So there you have it, a short list of container plant that let you leave town without paying a neighbor kid to water.
These hilarious container gardening ideas just show that there is no end to the genius of the green-thumbed brigade! Here in the Container Gardening For You home town of Hudson, QC, there is a super …Click here to write your own. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Container Gardens in Shopping Cart, Broken Doll, Barbie Car and More! We will add large pebbles or rocks to the base of the container to provide an area for drainage and if we want a polished look, we can add small pebbles on top of the finished product as a top dressing. We want to make sure that the soil is packed in tight around the plants– especially the top-heavy cacti that can fall over.
It’s a totally optional addition, but I think the lighter color of the pebbles makes the colors of the succulents and cacti really pop.
We also have lots of gardening and decorating videos on The Home Depot’s YouTube channel. The middle plant, blue myrtle cactus, is equally water-thrifty and lends height to the arrangement. You can also move back and forth between the ideas by clicking the arrows on each of the close-up pages.There is also a comments link at the foot of each enlargement page, so you can have your say on these funny ideas. You can also search our site using the search box at the top of every page.Ideas For Container Gardening FlowersFind wonderful, colorful displays bursting with flowers. Here, The Home Depot’s Caroline Inge teams up with Whitney Curtis of The Curtis Casa to create a cactus and succulent garden in a cool copper container Caroline acquired. For your container, we’re looking for dark green succulents, because they need a little less light than the light green and white varieties.

Fertilizers are tricky, but you can actually feed succulents and cacti every few months with a super-diluted tomato fertilizer. The cacti are definitely an eye-catching element of this container garden, so we wanted to feature them! It definitely gives me more confidence to tackle small gardening projects despite some not-so-spectacular results in the past. With some sunshine and a little watering, your new container garden will be a fabulous centerpiece in your dining room!
Because I really like my vacations, over the years my container gardening strategy has evolved to better accommodate them. As the photo above demonstrates, golden barrel cactus (Echinocactus grusonii) shines in containers and can withstand a break from care for as much as a fortnight. We not only find these awesome displays, but break them down by identifying the flowers in enlarged photos.
H Horizon Cactus Plant Assorted (3-Pack) - 2023631829 cm Hanging Basket Succulent Plant Assorted (3-Pack) - 202363179Cactus Palm and Citrus Soil - 2045022961.5 lb. This makes it easy for you to replicate the look for yourself at home!How to Grow Tomatoes in ContainersEnjoy the literal fruits of your labors by growing delicious, nutritious tomatoes in containers on your patio or rooftop, or in raised garden beds on your lawn.
We have a list of the materials they used, and we’ve added a very cool video of Caroline and Whitney working on this DIY succulent garden project.
We explain how to grow them from seed, how to plant, care for, and harvest your tomatoes.Heirloom and Organic SeedsEverybody wants to do what's best for the planet, so do your bit by insisting on organic, or at least, heirloom seeds when you plant your containers.

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