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We had a great experience with Landscape Center and discovered they have great prices and quality products. The office is a little tucked back behind the piles of landscape material and rocks. The next time you are in the market for landscape products, before you pay the extra for bags of products from the home stores, head on out and take a look at the products at Landscape Center, you'll get quality products, advice and service and save yourself some money in the process. They provide high quality asphalt products as well as having a Do It Yourself Landscape Center for the general public. We can help!An intricate and breathtaking landscape begins with a good design and great landscape supplies. You must decide exactly what plants, features, rocks and such to place in your design and where to place them. We offer low rates on full size dump trucks or smaller loads.We have many years of experience as professional landscapers.

You’ll love our friendly customer service too!Let’s work together to create the beautiful landscape design you’ve always dreamed of.Bark-Mulch Landscape Supply of Utah is a great place to buy bulk mulch and bark. Choose from Supreme Bark, certified playground bark and Dark Chocolate Mulch, which is a popular choice for home and corporate landscapes.
Whether you’re building a playground for the kids or a volleyball pit, we have the right sand product to complete the task and give you an excellent result.Decorative Cobble and Boulders At Landscape Supply of Utah, we keep in stock a variety of rocks and boulders. For just the perfect size boulders to complete your landscape design, check out our large assortment of landscaping boulders.Feature Elements A water feature placed in a central location of your yard can take your Utah landscaping design to the next level. With our beautiful bubbling rock fountain you can create a unique and tranquil outdoor space. Rock Fire pits transform your back yard into a place you want to hang out well past sundown.

If you need help with your selection, one of our friendly landscape designers can offer advice and suggestions on purchasing the correct shrubs and trees for any location.Landscape Supply of Utah is whole sale to the public, so you get the best deal here.
Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you make the right choices if you aren’t sure which trees, shrubs, mulch or water fountains to purchase.With years of experience, Landscape Supply of Utah puts all the tools in your hands to create the landscape you’ve always wanted.

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