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From city centres to small gardens, water features come in all shapes and sizes and, by combining both the audible and visual effects of moving water, are able to provide a fantastic focal point. Whether it is a simple, single stone, a more complex, multicoloured slate stack, or even somewhere to place bottles to be chilled by running water for those hot summer days spent in the garden, the eye and the ear will be drawn to the sight and sound of a water feature.
All the stone used for these items is sourced from Mid and North Wales, and the water features themselves are created by us on the premises here at Mid-Wales Stone. Ewan Michaels is this month’s guest blogger and he currently works for UK Water Features who are a solar water pumps provider. Beyond the child safety concerns that will be considered, there is a need to follow a fundamental common-sense approach to any water feature. Child-specific concerns include that the water feature be constructed of a material that cannot be broken even if a child should decide to climb on it.

Choose a water feature that is too small for a child to crawl into, yet large enough that the water movement creates visual and sound appeal. Funny to read of hose pipe bans and drought with all the rain we’ve had over the past few weeks but it’s not that long ago our water butts were empty! Please browse our new Web Site to get ideas, inspiration and even purchase a feature through our new integrated eCommerce web-site. With over 5 years of experience in the design of water features, we're sure we can find the feature for you.
Choose from a selection of Welsh Slate Monoliths, Welsh Slate Pyramids, Welsh Slate Window Stones, Welsh Slate Wine Racks and a range of Welsh Slate Chippings, Paddle Stones and other aggregates.
The water feature must also be installed in a manner that it would be impossible for it to tip over if a child should climb on it.

Large water features may run dry during the hottest part of the season right when a ban is in effect. Gardeners who participate in community gardens are even more responsible due to the access the public has as well as the fact that other volunteer gardeners will likely participate in maintaining any water feature installed. Features that require smaller amounts of water that can be easily and legally kept filled are a benefit.
Regardless of the water feature decided upon, be sure to consider it from a child’s perspective.

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