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If you feel your landscape is a little dark at night and want to add some lighting to it, it is highly recommended to solar landscape lights. If you need some color changing solar lamps, you can try these Color Changing Crackle-glass Ball Solar lights. Therefore, more and more householders have chosen solar lighting as their mainly outdoor lighting sources due to the benefits of solar lights. You can install the solar panel at any place you like, just letting it receive sufficient sunshine.

Each solar light is a self-sufficient system, so it doesn’t need the power from the grid and save much energy for you. You also can use it as mood lights or accent lights – a very versatile option for outdoor space lighting. What’s more, if we can do our best to use more solar energy rather than fossil energy, we can reduce our carbon foot print and protect our environment.
It has a hammered glass feature that diffuses the light, so it can create a cool lighting effect on the ground around it.

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