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Most teak items on Amazon have positive customer reviews, and I believe it’s due to the inherent superiority of teak to other wood types. It’s very unfortunate that so many people think they need to treat outdoor teak furniture with teak oil. The coating of linseed oil will at first give your furniture a nice healthy looking golden glow. Additionally, if you want to try to keep the golden color around longer, then after cleaning you can treat the teak wood with a Teak Protector. Here at Wood-Joy we sell genuine teak patio furniture, such as teak dining sets, teak deep seat sofa sets, teak benches, teak chaise loungers and teak accessories throughout the entire USA. So you may be considering buying teak outdoor furniture, but are somewhat concerned about the maintenance factor. Wood-Joy has been distributing teak outdoor furniture for many years so we are used to getting this type of phone call, almost daily. NEWLY PURCHASED TEAK - Wipe clean all surfaces of new teak furniture, including the underside of tables with soapy water prior to using new cushions. Now days, because of new design trends many of our teak customers really do not want the golden look at all. First of all, there is not much chance of you seriously damaging your teak furniture by applying teak oil or sealers on the surfaces. If your furniture is to be used indoors and away from a lot of natural sunlight, over a period of time perhaps six months to a year the wood will gradually become a darker shade of golden brown. If left outdoors, the effects of the sun's rays will 'bleach out' the timber’s natural surface color, gradually turning it to a soft silvery gray patina color. PERIODIC CLEANING - We recommend using household liquid dish soap with warm water to scrub and rinse your new or aged teak furniture. SANDING ROUGH SURFACES - If your furniture has become rough from the cleaning, then consider sanding with 120 grit sandpaper followed by 220 grit, being sure to work only with the direction of the wood grains. TEAK OIL - Teak wood itself has natural oil within requiring no treatment to be used indoors or outdoors.
OTHER ITEMS NEEDED - You will need some teak oil (about 2 pints for a 6 seat dining set), a clean 1" and 3" paint brush, some clean cotton rags, a 32 oz.
The oil can be applied with paint brushes or cotton cloth wipe, starting from the top and working downwards. FIRE HAZARD - Please be sure to dispose of any used rags and cleaning cloth carefully and in accordance with the instructions from the oil manufacturer. APPLYING TEAK SEALERS - Teak oil can harbor mold in wet climates, especially if left in the shade. WAIT ON NEW TEAK - If the teak is new, let it set outside in the sun for about 2-4 weeks to acclimate, then apply teak sealers or oils. WOOD-JOY offers free advice on how to care for teak outdoor furniture and guidance on what products may be best for your location and furniture type.
We provide adjustable stainless steel gliders on some of our teak tables with SKU # that begin with WL or TS. When deciding on which teak patio set to buy, a very important factor to consider is the company making the product. With teak furniture meant to be used outdoors in particular, two important things to consider are the quality of the wood and the quality of the craftsmanship. You may think that handmade wooden furniture would be more prestigious and of a higher quality due to the individual attention put into it. Luckily, there are a number of companies that produce teak furniture from high-quality wood that is harvested responsibly and made with precision. If you often have company coming over for diner parties and other get-togethers, then it might make sense to get one of the larger sets provided that there’s enough room for it on your patio or wherever you intend to put it. Many of the larger teak dining sets come with a table that has removable extensions or foldable wings, allowing you to make extra space for extra guests on special occasions.
Teak dining sets usually have a small hole of about two inches in the center of the table where you can put an umbrella for shade. A 5-piece teak dining set may be more practical and enjoyable for you, depending on your circumstances.
If you have a limited amount of space, or you just want some patio furniture that will take up a minimal amount of room, then you should strongly consider a 3-piece bistro set. As the name implies, a sun lounger is a good piece of outdoor furniture to get if you like lounging around in the sun. If you have a pool, you might want to consider getting a teak shower bench or shower stool along with a teak shower mat.
Amazon has a huge selection of outdoor teak furniture available from a wide variety of brands and sellers. It’s not needed to extend the life of the wood, but it will allow you to reserve the golden honey tone of new teak that many people love. Maintenance is usually required on most all outdoor furniture and elements if you want to extend the material’s life, not just teak furniture. We try to describe below general means and methods to apply teak oil or sealers if desired, even though it is certainly not required. Plus, if you buff the wood aggressively with cloth the natural oils will migrate to the surface and provide a beautiful satin look. This silvery gray 'patina' which develops over time gives teak furniture a distinctive appearance.

After sanding you may wish to touch up with teak sealer or teak oil (try to match with whatever was previously used).
The use of store bought teak oil or sealers won't greatly increase the life of teak, but it does enhance the color somewhat and can also help a little to prevent stains from seeping into the wood grain. To speed things up, we recommend placing the teak over a painter’s cloth or plastic drop cloth, sand off any gray color, then spray the sealer on, then back brush or wipe with cloth.
Letting the new teak acclimatize allows the sealer to adhere properly to the wood surfaces. Boat people at marinas and yacht harbors often find themselves at peace when caring for their wood work. If you’ve put thought into this decision, then you probably already know that teak is the highest quality wood for outdoor furniture. However, with teak furniture, in general you’ll find that fully machined production gives a higher precision cut to each piece of the wood. So, therefore, it’s also very important to consider the source of the wood used to make your furniture. And the best thing of all is the online marketplace allows you to shop for these teak furniture products from the comfort of your own home. The table counts as one piece, of course, so that means you can get teak patio sets with seating for between 6 and 12 people. A circular or square table with seating for four creates a sense of intimacy and balance that you can’t achieve with a larger dining table. The table on a 3-piece set will usually be much smaller, so this is not the type of set to get for having large dinners outdoors. Consider getting a bench if you want a nice place for a couple people to sit, but you don’t plan to be lounging around all day there. If shopping for a regular style bench, you’ll want to find something that has a little contour to the seat and back for more comfort. You can choose high quality teak furniture in the right style and design for your backyard or patio. It’s a great place to comparison shop and find a good deal on quality teak patio furniture. To begin with, grade-A teak wood is already full of its own natural oils that protect it from the weather, pests, and rot.
Impressed with the color of your teak, you may rush out and recommend to everyone else to treat their teak furniture with oil.
This is because the moist environment provides the perfect habitat for mold and fungus to grow. So it is no surprise that there would be many different ways to maintain teak outdoor furniture, as well as marine teak.
Teak outdoor furniture has natural oil within the wood which helps preserve the wood from rot and decay. We strongly do not recommend applying stains or varnish for outdoor use unless applied by a very experienced professional varnish applicator.
The silver gray color resulting from this natural aging process is considered by many to be very attractive and allows the furniture to blend in well with many outdoor environments. SAFECID will strip your teak furniture down to the natural golden teak wood and is environmentally safe to use.
If there are any unsightly dings or scratches, we recommend some sanding (120 grit) sand paper and then follow with a light sanding (220 grit) over all viewable and touchable surfaces to give your furniture a smooth silky touch. A small investment on your part today will give you a lifetime of enjoyment with your new patio furniture. When purchasing furniture, you should be thinking about buying something that will last a lifetime, so it’s very important to not skimp on quality.
When a teak tree is mature, it will have a very dense core at the center of the trunk that appears darker than the surrounding wood.
Furniture made from grade B teak is not terrible, but it will not hold up outside exposed to the elements as well as furniture made from grade A teak. Machine-made teak furniture fits together better, which results in an overall better quality product. You want to support furniture makers who source their wood from environmentally sustainable teak plantations such as those approved by the Indonesian government. Every home and garden is different too, so choosing the best teak patio furniture for you really depends on your personal style and living situation. For most people, a 9-piece set will probably meet your needs, and there are a lot of nice designs of 9-piece sets to choose from. If you plan to eat meals outdoors and entertain groups of guests—then, yes, a large dining set with seating for 8-12 people would be a good idea. Rather, a 3-piece dining set will be suitable for singles or couples who want to enjoy being outdoors for their morning coffee or a beer after work. A bench also works well on a front porch, providing a comfortable spot for visitors to rest.
Deep seating lets you enjoy the beauty and durability of teak from the softness of a thick cushion. An occasional scrubbing with a soft-bristled brush and some soapy water or commercial teak cleaner is all you really need. However, when you read the reviews that some customers leave, you may get the impression that teak oil is helpful or even necessary to protect teak wood.

That oil is always inside the wood—a coat of oil added to the exterior won’t soak in and penetrate the wood to protect it. After using oil for several months you may start to notice little dark spots on the wood’s surface. Just give it a good cleaning to remove the oil and then apply Teak Protector afterwards if you wish to do so. But left alone and untreated the color of the teakwood will eventually turn a distinguished patina silvery gray, actually a very trendy look these days. Regardless of which way you decide to go and no matter how gray your teak becomes, it can always be restored to a golden look later.
Teak furniture left in this state is easily maintained and needs no treatment whatsoever to give many years of service and this is about as easy as outdoor furniture maintenance can get! Manufactured teak oil is actually either tung oil or linseed oil blended with resins and other proprietary additives to guard against UV, mold and mildew. If you have a large quantity of teak and want to seriously reduce the time, we would suggest using a plastic spray bottle to apply the oil. As you know, teak is not cheap, so before you make a purchase it’s good to think about which type is the best teak patio furniture for you. The cheapest product is not always going to give you the best value for your money, and this is especially true with teak furniture. And one thing you should consider is that a single circular umbrella—even a rather large one—is not going to be able to provide shade for everyone sitting around an 8-10 foot long dining table. Rocking chairs work best when they have a flat surface underneath them, such as a wooden porch or patio deck. Consider getting a pair if you want some outdoor furniture that you can recline in if you’re not concerned about having somewhere to set a plate of food down. If you want to really transform your backyard into a comfy living space where you can relax all day, then a deep seating set might be right for you.
A smooth, stylish teak shower mat also helps to add a sophisticated touch to your shower area. If you want to try to keep the golden honey color of new teak wood around as long as possible, there are also some recommended products such as teak protectors and sealers that you can use. If you learn to appreciate this natural color of aged teak, then all you really have to do to keep your teak furniture looking good is give it an occasional good cleaning. The natural silver patina color is just a very thin film layer of oxidation and can be cleaned and sanded off to expose the original teak color tone if desired.
It is hard for varnish to adhere to teakwood because of the natural oils that exists, hence the need for an expert bright worker. Don’t mistake the natural teak oil actually found in the wood from store bought teak oil. You will find the spraying method will oil between the slats very nicely and save you a lot of time. Heartwood from mature teak trees of over 20 years old has a thick concentration of natural protective oil.
It is just wood from the outer sections of the trunk that lacks the natural oils which make grade A teak such a superior wood.
It makes getting at your feet and legs much easier, and they’re also suitable for people with impaired mobility. Just make sure you don’t make the mistake of applying teak oil to your outdoor teak furniture. So if you want to preserve or restore the natural golden look of new teakwood please read on. Regardless, teak outdoor furniture requires less costly maintenance than most other high end furniture types and offers a continuing rich natural look for many decades. Grade A teak is this mature heartwood, which is very dense, heavy, and saturated with natural oils that will protect anything made out of it from water damage and insects such as termites. Many people think this is a necessary step, but it can actually be quite harmful to the life of your furniture. At this point the surface of the furniture should be wiped down with a clean cotton cloth, carefully removing all surplus oil. For a very small amount of teak furniture, you may consider just dipping a rag in the sealer and then rub on the teak wood. The Adirondack chair design is comfortable for sitting a long time because it’s set at an angle that takes the weight off your lower back. You are much better in the long run treating your teak patio furniture with a protector, a sealer, or nothing at all.
The solvents in the teak oil can actually break down and damage the real teak wood oil that was in your furniture to begin with. Once you've completed the oiling and the surface is completely touch dry, a second clean cloth can be used to buff up the surface.

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