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The iTunes store is not making things easy with its mind numbing array of garden design apps—all of which promise to change your life. Aimed at the serious vegetable, fruit and herb gardener, this app helps plan for next year's harvest.
Marnie Majorelle, of the Brooklyn garden design firm Alive Structures, recommended this app to me and says it's helpful if you use native plants.

Several garden designers recommended this app to me, which is not surprising since Michael Dirr is a rock star of the horticulture world. This specialized app lists fewer than 100 plants, all handpicked to work in a small garden. This app lets you select plants from a database and move them into up to four virtual gardens.

By the way, if the idea of taking your beautiful, shiny iPad out into the garden with its dirt and water hazards fills you with dread, here's a tip.

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