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With an abiding love for nature and a style inspired by the Hudson River School, Lauren Sansaricq aims to express philosophical ideals in the language of landscape. A contemporary transcendentalist, Sansaricq considers the contemplation of nature as a worthy pursuit that produces deep philosophical insights.
A gorgeous exhibition featuring women artists and women subjects is illuminating one New York Gallery. Contemporary landscape paintings, paintings of sky and cloud forms, oil sketches, colour studies, cloud paintings, seascape and marine paintings.

Latest - New sky, sea and landscape paintings, drawings, latest updates from the studio and other new stuff. 1990), painting serves as a reflection of the artist's appreciation for the beauty of nature.
Her scenic landscapes, framed by strong vertical elements on the borders and bathed in golden light, clearly reference the work of the Hudson River School. Durand, Thomas Cole, George Inness, and Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, adding that she considers Erik Koeppel the best contemporary landscape painter.

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