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If you’re going to spread topsoil over a large area, keep in mind that a single cubic yard of topsoil weighs over a ton.
A cubic yard of mulch or topsoil that is spread two inches deep covers about 120 square feet (or about 80 square feet at a depth of three inches). You can either make a walking path through the mulch or place flagstones together for a square or rectangular surface to create a sitting area or potted plant display space. For free estimates on delivery and materials for your lawn or yard, click here to contact us.
All materials are measured with our Full Cubic Yard bucket, ensuring our customers generous portions and accurate yardage.

This will help prevent rotting of the bark and eliminate hiding places for plant-eating pests like slugs or rodents. Landscape lighting can be a great option for accenting highlights of your landscape area in the evening. Stack rectangular stones two or three high in a semicircle in front of the plant or tree, making sure to give its root system enough room. We’ve been helping people in Carroll County achieve beautiful front yard landscaping since 1965! So making an investment into beautiful front yard landscaping is a wise choice for the design-minded homeowner.

If you do plan to transport your landscape supplies from the shop to your home, be sure to use a truck or SUV instead of a compact hatchback. The front yard gardening is certainly very important for us to lure someone with the house.

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