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Freedom products are manufactured by Barrette Outdoor Living and available nationally, through Lowe’s home improvement centers. Enjoy a lifetime of worry-free satisfaction and easy living, Longevity Vinyl offers fencing to meet your needs. Read MoreLocationsNational distribution centers serving North America Seven distribution centers spread out across the United States give Barrette Outdoor Living exposure to a large network of dealers and retailers.

Joins current lineup of products designed for worry-free, easy living Cleveland, OH (November 10, 2015) – Barrette Outdoor Living announces the addition of the Longevity Vinyl brand to the Barrette Outdoor Living family of fencing, railing and outdoor living products.
Mix & Match Styles Perfect for Enhancing Outdoor Living Areas Cleveland, OH (October 8, 2015) – Freedom® Outdoor Living introduces a new line of Aluminum Railing products, now available exclusively at Lowe’s®. BOL is one of the largest manufacturers of vinyl fencing, aluminum fencing and wood fence products for the construction industry and outdoor living products customers in North America.

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