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The front yard of this Ocean Park home was stripped of virtually everything including the driveway, walkway and almost all of the soil and plant material that had previously existed. This attractive Langley, BC home had a lot going for it with all the mature conifer trees and wide open space but there was something missing. The backyard of this South Surrey rancher had significant potential but was plagued by many years of neglect and it had many issues that began from when the house was new. To increase access on the North side of the South Surrey home, an exposed aggregate concrete walkway and new cedar fence with gate was installed.
Step by step the yard went through a total makeover including a new irrigation system, soil, sod and plant placement. Poor soil was removed, flower bed forms and irrigation lines were installed, special flower bed and turf soil was added and then various plant material, trees, premium sand based sod and annual flowers were strategically placed to finish off the look. First, the soil was mostly a mixture of rock and clay and there was a large amount of construction waste that was buried when the home was initially constructed. Fabulous Flower Beds created the new landscaping design which included new flower beds, a new irrigation system and a classic selection of shade loving shrubs, trees and annuals.
The basic structure of the patio itself was attractive but it simply lacked colour and contrast.
Prior to the involvement of Fabulous Flower Beds, the front and back yard was virtually free of any landscaping work other than grass.
The home owners recognized the benefits of maximizing the curb appeal of their home prior to putting it on the market and therefore proceeded to hire Fabulous Flower Beds for their professional exterior home staging services. The house was too dominant for the existing landscaping and the structure was positioned at the top of a small hill.
The scope of this project was a total backyard makeover that consisted of removing up to 2 feet of poor clay soil, regrading away from the house, installing a french drain and concrete sump and connecting the eavestroughs to the concrete sump. In addition, a new exposed aggregate driveway with green stamped coloured concrete edging and a complimentary stamped coloured concrete walkway was also part of the project. Fabulous Flower Beds then proceeded to layout the new flower bed arrangement and we suggested plant material that would best compliment the architecture of the home. In addition we removed an old cedar hedge and an old tree stump that was located near the deck.

Fabulous Flower Beds completed an extensive renovation of the front yard garden bed by removing and or relocating specific plants, trees and shrubs. We planted a selection of popular herbs such as mojito mint, thyme, oregano and basil in a few of the planters that were placed close to the patio furniture. A very simple but elegant raised flower bed layout was chosen to soften all the concrete work around the home and then various plant material was selected to maximize curb appeal in a way that would complement the existing architecture. First, all the dead organic material and weeds were removed from the beds and the beds were reshaped for maximum street appeal.
In addition, Fabulous Flower Beds oversaw the installaion of a new exposed aggregate patio and sidewalk, a new 6 foot tall fence plus a Rainbird irrigation system with drippers for hanging baskets.
A new fence and gate was recently installed and now was the time to take the area to the next level. In the beginning, the beds were formed, trees, shrubs and flowers were planted, irrigation was installed, composted soil was added to the beds and the lawn area. After an initial consultation, the homeowners agreed to participate in the project by digging out and disposing of the poor soil, grass and plant material in order to reduce the total cost of the landscaping project.
As well, we removed a few strategically selected tree limbs to open up the space for more sunlight and a more attractive appeal. In addition, we added a new Japanese Maple, positioned boulders to compliment the overall landscaping design, adjusted the irrigation system, widened and changed the shape of the lower front flower bed, exposed an existing attractive rock wall that had previously been covered up by overgrown plants and so on. Sod was removed and composted soil was added to form an elevated platform for the plant material. In addition, the original driveway was too narrow which caused the homeowners and visitors to step on the lawn when exiting their car.
In total, over 90 yards of new composted garden blend and turf blend soil laid the foundation for a beautifully sculpted flower bed area and a fabulous sodded lawn. You will notice from the pictures that a new and much larger flower bed design was created to compliment the architectural lines of their home. A clean and classic area has been created that offers the homeowner outstanding street appeal in addition to a low maintenance landscaping solution compared to how things were in the beginning. As well, planters on either side of the fireplace were planted with flowers to complement the existing hanging baskets and also the fireplace itself.

Some of the existing shrubs were moved to a new location and other new shrubs were purchased and added to best compliment the surrounding environment.
Fabulous Flower Beds worked on this project using our landscaping coach approach where both husband and wife participated in the work that was involved to save money and to learn about the process. First, the stand alone tree near the street had a larger than normal square bedding area ( instead of round ) formed around the tree trunk and it looked out of place and unbalanced. Fabulous Flower Beds directed the entire project and was particularly involved in the shaping of the flower beds horizontally and vertically, our specialty. Finally, a rich mixture of soil was added and new plants were planted to finish off the look.
We also sourced and planted the Japanese Maple, Boxwoods and various annuals on behalf of the client.
The result is a home that now has significant street appeal and it will be easy to maintain because the new flower beds are self watering. Next, the new flower bed design was formed, sod removed and new soil added to create the finished look. A new feature tree along with various plants and flowers will soon be added to help improve curb appeal.
Homes with small yards can usually be transformed easily and quickly for very little cost, particularly if the home owners are prepared to be actively involved in the project.
Fifth, it was unclear for guests approaching the house whether they should walk across the grass and walk up the steps at the front of the entry or whether they should travel to the driveway and access the side steps of the concrete pad from the walkway to the left of the front door. The result is a west coast landscaping style that provides a very warm and inviting look from the street.

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