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Backyard bars, like this example from Going Yard, are a natural extension of the outdoor dining room trend. This outdoor dining room from Going Yard creates ambiance with curtains and earns yet more popularity points with its deck structure (80.9%). Play structures like treehouses, swing sets or this seesaw from a backyard featured on Going Yard can provide hours of fun for children, which may explain their relatively high popularity rate (56.3%) amongst other outoor structures in the survey. Many people use fences to border their backyard or section off space for a garden, but here’s another great idea from Going Yard: A backyard dog run! Take the time to make sure your yard provides your dog with the amenities he or she needs and loves.

Dogs may have descended from free-ranging wolves, but our domesticated friends do best with boundaries. Go with picket fences for a cottage design, sleek horizontal boards for a contemporary look or posts and wire for a rustic feel. Some common plants are surprisingly dangerous if dogs eat them, including azaleas, lilies and mums. Dogs love to prowl and patrol, so paths to explore are as much fun for them as they are for people.
Landscaping materials shouldn't get too hot, should be easy to walk on and ideally should not cling to fur and feet.

Check out these hot backyard design ideas and find out which trends homeowners are clamoring for right now.
Check with your vet and the ASPCA for a list of plants that can irritate or even kill your pet. If you must use them, make sure your dog can’t get at them — and remember, dogs can be remarkably tenacious when it comes to getting at something you don’t want them to get at.

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